League for Constitutionalism and Legal Culture - Kyiv

Tel/fax 380-44-244-33-94; address Tolstogo St. 23, apt. 29, 01033, Kyiv, Ukraine;
e-mail: lclck@iatp.kiev.ua


The creation of the League for Constitutionalism and Legal Culture-Kyiv (March 2000) was caused by challenges of the qualitatively new stage of the legal reform process in Ukraine. The euphoria of first years of independence yielded more realistic perceiving the whole range of difficulties on a way of true (in contrast to declarative) accepting pluralistic democracy values. The period of laying down and conceiving the law system building fundamentals has turned to the "technological" phase of creating detailed mechanisms of this values embodiment.

The League was launched as non-partisan, non-profit public charity organization with a Kyiv city status, a kind of think-tank in the sphere of the most fundamental problems of public policy and public (in first turn, constitutional) law area. It aims at conducting study and research, pure and applied, as well as creating forum (both in real and virtual electronic space), holding trainings, round tables, conferences, making recommendations and proposals. Purposes for such activity are to facilitate the law reform process to become more dynamic and substantive; to strengthen conjunction of academic law science with the real life; to rationalize society development and integration into European structures and, thus, to make out a contribution to nurturing and development of authentic liberal constitutional democracy in Ukraine.

An accent will be done on offering an innovative ideas to resolve existing problems through borrowing and creative using the worldwide constitutionalism theory and practice achievements by exercising comparative law approach. Special attention will be paid to the importance of the interdisciplinary view on the problematic area and to mode of carrying out the law reform not only from the upper side (through enhancing "supply" of law) but also by forming natural "demand" of law from the very bottom-up: through legal consciousness and legal culture (both public and professional) becoming and growth.


The subject of the League activity is to aid


Programs of activity:

  1. Developing democratic constitutionalism: Ukrainian model.
  2. Aid to growing professional and public legal culture.


Supervisory Board of the League:

Shyshkin I. Victor Professor of Law, Ph.D., Member of the Verhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine), Deputy Head of the Committee on Legal Reform of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine;

Shemshuchenko S. Juriy Academic of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), Professor, Dr of Laws, Director of the V.M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law under NASU;

Bondarenko F. Alexandr Professor, Dr of Psychology, Chair of Psychology at the National Linguistic Univ.;

Moroz I. Boris Professor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Institute of International relationship at the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.


Advisory Board of the League:

Martynenko F. Petro Professor of Law, Ph.D., Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (retired).

Pogorilko F. Victor Professor of law, Dr. of law, Vice-Director and Chair of Constitutional and Municipal law Department at the V.M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of NASU.


President of the League:

Semenova A. Nadiya Master of Laws (Kyiv National Univ.), European Public Law Academy diploma (Athens)


Examples of activity within the "Developing democratic constitutionalism: Ukrainian model" program.

  1. Sub-project: "Ukrainian parliamentarism"

  2. Project "Instruments for enhancing the legal reform efficiency"

  3. Project "The World Phenomena of Constitutionalism and Ukraine". Collaboration with the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL, www.frg.eur.nl/pub/iacl)

  4. Project "Focusing on the Eastern-European regional cooperation"

  5. Project "Forwarding the Legal Reform Through Re-Conceiving the Fundamentals of Law".
    For the first time in Ukraine the League has initiated the collaboration with the International Association of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) (exists beginning 1909) which activity is of exceptional importance for development for whole spectrum of social sciences that substantiate the post-totalitarian development of Ukrainian society. Participation in the 20th IVR World Congress titled "Pluralism and Law" held in Amsterdam, June 19-26, 2001 (Look at www.rechten.vu.nl/~IVR/). Initiating the creation of the Ukrainian National Association of Philosophy of Law (on-going now)

  6. The League was a co-organizer of the III World Forum of Ukrainians legal section held in August 19-23, 2001 and dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.

  7. The project Kyiv Summer School-2001 of Law Europeanisation aimed at young faculties (OSI/HESP potential financing) has been prepared together with colleagues from Bologna and J. Hopkins university


Research works of the League members have been represented in professional publications in Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Republic of Korea, Mexico

In the Ukrainian mass-media the League activity has been introduced in the "Legal Practice" newspaper No. 31 in 2000 and No. 26, 37 in 2001 (look at www.practix.com searching articles of Semenova.). New articles "Philosophical-Legal Accent-2001: Pluralism and Law" will be published soon.