October 2004

This is a plea for direct democracy

The U.S. has always been a bad place for working Americans and politically unorganized citizens to live and bring up children. It's why workers traditionally have belonged to any political party opposing the party of wealth, which since the 1930s has been the New Deal Democrat Party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Today, too many young Americans--children of working parents--still vote Democrat, despite the party's deterioration into an organization of opportunists and dishonest frauds, and too many other children of working parents have chosen to vote Republican on the mistaken assumption that the unregulated drive for private profit produces national prosperity. But if the republic's citizens, cities, states, and federal government are buried in debt to moneylenders, can it truly be prosperous?

Many of the international community are amazed at the direction the Bush Administration has taken the U.S., but not those who understand the true nature of the bullies who have ruled the republic since its inception. Thanks to the outrageous policies and decisions of the unelected president and his cohorts, we now know the future will bring even greater assaults upon the personal freedoms of Americans and all other citizens of planet Earth.

If you would like to know what's really been going on in the republic-empire for the last half century, and why things look so bleak for the inhabitants of Earth, visit the website Voices For Direct Democracy and take a look at the book called A Theory of Subversion which offers a different viewpoint of American history. One which theorizes how a group of rich Americans, who tried to help the German Nazis conquer a world that included the United States immediately changed strategies after Hitler's military defeat, and have since been frightfully successful with their economic assaults to conquer the nations of Earth. The book also describes a fictional working direct democracy called "America;" a vision of what the future can be if the will to create it exists. The book is in PDF format and can be downloaded and read at your leisure.

The election for President of the United States will be held in a few days. Regardless of which political party wins the white house, little will change the destructive direction Bush and his gang have taken the republic, for it isn't change of party or president that will do the necessary job: both parties have evolved into self-serving organizations, and most politicians are lying opportunists who vote how the money tells them to vote.

We need to change the American System from one that favors wealthy, white males to one that attends the welfare of all citizens. We need to remove both the resources and power of the republic from the grip of abusive wealth and place them into the hands of the people. Nothing else will do. Not the Initiative and not the Referendum, for these devices are mere patches upon a system designed to keep political power from the public. We need to change the American System from a "representative" to a "direct" democracy.

To see how a direct democracy might work, visit Voices for Direct Democracy website and read "A Theory of Subversion," which describes such a fictional "America."

We can stop the madmen, but the future lies in your hands; yours and all the other working and struggling citizens who are tired of the struggle. Organization, your votes, and your participation are the only weapons we will need to take the republic from the groups that control it.

Participation begins by trying to understand the message of the book and of www.voicesfordd.com. It continues by telling friends and neighbors about both, and by joining with other Americans to transform the dream of fictional America into reality. Itís too late for the 2004 election, but not the 2008.

Always remember this truth: the future will be whatever current generations will it to be, for it is the sum total of what you and all other people choose to do--or not do--that determines the future.

American newspapers, magazines, radio, and television are all controlled by those wealthy bullies, and working Americans rarely receive the information or the truths necessary to make sound decisions. I ask the help of all of you reading this email who are not American citizens. Telling your American friends and associates about the website www.voicesfordd.com and the real possibility of creating a better and fairer world for all would be the equivalent of casting your vote in favor of the change. I beg you to cast your vote.

It really is your choice.

Lee Gottlieb, October 31, 2004
common citizen