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- Fair Vote Alberta: Petition for a Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
- Martha's Monthly: Call for Electoral Reform in Alberta
- Meeting: Women and Electoral Reform

Alberta PDDA Poll

Should Alberta organize a citizens' assembly on the electoral system reform, similar to the BC assembly?
Yes       No      
    Started May 15, 2005
Calgary Herald had a similar poll on the May 13-15, 2005 weekend. The results at 6 pm on Sunday were 65.1% votes for the assembly, 34.9% against. The total number of votes cast was not given, but one could estimate from the variation of the results that about 500 people cast votes.

Calgary PDDA Polls

Calgary Nose Hill Park:

The Calgary City Council plans a $6-million development (paved pathways, washrooms) in the city's 1,127-hectare natural Nose Hill Park. What do you think about it? Should the city instead use the money for something else, and preserve the park in its present natural state?

Yes       No      

        Started May 15, 2005

More info:
Friends of Nose Hill Society
United Recreationists
Mountain Bikers
Calgary Herald

11th and 12th Avenue SW:

Do you agree that these two currently one-way streets are converted to two-way traffic?

Yes       No      

Started Oct. 7, 2005