Systems to establish the common position of a group
» MyVerdict - an exercise in direct democracy
» Democratic Experience - tools to practice Direct Democracy; Summary, downloads also here
» Nevada VOTE Direct
» Parlement - a collaborative writing system based on democratic principles
» Majority Voice provides free votable forums for every issue
» Vivarto Voting Systems - runs the The World Parliament Experiment
» Phoenix (a concept)
» The Great Canadian Wish List
Tools for simultaneous online document editing only:
» MoonEdit
» PleaseReview
Other electronic voting systems, petitions, polls, etc.
» GNU.FREE - The FREE e-democracy project, non-partisan, non-commercial Internet voting software - development discontinued! Read more
» The National Initiative for Democracy conducts a national election
» Report on technical obstacles in implementing e-voting - commissioned by UK government
» What happened with this site: - Marc Strassman's open source E-voting system ???
» Free online hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy
» Vote online on various issues
» - commercial Election System
» Digital Citizens Foundation: ???
» Online petition to introduce direct democracy in the Czech Republic
» Referendum for the RIGHT to referendum: Leaflet to distribute, Sztaki polling station
» National Voter Outreach - political consulting firm to organize signature campaigns
» Center for Voting and Democracy
» Voting by Phone Foundation
» Internet Voting Technology Alliance
Theory of voting
» Range Voting (Center for)
» The Mathematics of Voting
» Mathematics and Elections
» After 2000 elections in Canada and USA, a push for replacing the plurality voting method (first past the post) by something better seems to gather momentum. Proportional representation is called for in Canada. The Instant Runoff Voting (called The Method of Plurality with Elimination in the theory of voting) in the USA. Some combination of the two would be even better. Anything increasing citizen participation should be welcome by DD supporters.