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Knapptryckarna - The Swedish DD party (in Swedish) -
      Ulf Bejerstrand, info at knapptryckarna . se, Sweden, 2022/6/22
Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy - Direct democracy, Basic Income, Economy based on local and renewable sources.
      Stanislav Stoynev, atlatlbg at gmail . com, Republic of Bulgaria, 2017/2/27
Direct Democracy Romania - Official website of the Romanian political party of Direct Democracy.
      DDR, office at democratiedirecta . com, Romania, 2016/10/31
Direct Democracy on Twitter - List of tweets (most recent first) mentioning or discussing DD, approvingly or disapprovingly
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, Canada, 2016/6/25
Direct Voting and Proxy Voting - A proposal for provably best democratic decision making system by James Green-Armytage, PDF file.
      Sergey, goflashcards at yahoo . com, USA, 2015/10/6
In memory of George Sagi - A conference proposed to remember the memory of George Sagi.
      Mirek Kolar/George Kokkas, geoko at otenet . gr, Greece/Canada, 2015/1/23
Digital Direct Democracy - A Compassionate/Cooperative Global Society - Digital direct democracy on Earth - aligning itself with Universal forelaws of empathy and compassion, and with cosmic genealogy - is leading humanity to a compassionate/cooperative global society.
      Robert E. Cobb, forelaws_on_board at forelawsonboard . net, USA, 2015/1/6
RULE OF LAW ALSO KNOWN AS NOMOCRACY - What we prefer, a collective direct-democratic social equal society or a private dictatorial market pyramidal society? That is THE question! Are we going to allow the Chinese dictatorship to own the whole planet?
      Fred Demetre Blomson, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, SWEDN, 2014/11/26
Democratie Directa in Romania - opinii, propuneri, biblioteca, chat.
Direct democracy in Romania, opinions, proposals, e-books.
      Dorin, marco_se66 at yahoo . com, Romania, 2014/4/14
DD movement - Patriotic Front, is a radical DD Movement in Greece. It has since 3 years ago presented a full DD constiution, with 380 aricles and 70 chapters. It has organized DD cooperatives for farmes and consumers. Also, it has organized Seed Bank, and many other initatives. Please refer to it
      Stavros Vitalis, pametopo at gmail . com, Greece, 2013/7/7
      Fred Demetre Blomson, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, Sweden, 2013/6/10
Russian Citizen's Initiatives - Site where Russian citizens can submit legislative initiatives for all three levels of governments. The initiatives have to be acted upon if they receive at least 100,000 votes or votes from 5% of the population of the respective administrative entity, whichever is less.
More details in English on how it works are here
      mk, dd at mkolar . org, Russian Federation, 2013/4/21
Thesis for change - An argument for political change which is secular and inclusive.
      Peter Essex-Clark, siix_oclock at . au, Australia, 2013/3/10
Commonwealth Party of Great Britain - The Commonwealth Party of Great Britain is committed to direct democracy and government in the interests of ordinary people, based on fairness and accountability.
      Stephen McPartland, commonwealthparty at . uk, UK, 2012/8/26
Foundation for Electronic Democracy Development - Foundation for Electronic Democracy Development is the Russian fund, established in Moscow for promotion of electronic democracy in Russian Federation. Electronic democracy is the consistent way to realise direct and deliberative democracy in the time of Internet.
      Mikhail Sukharev, suharev at narod . ru, Russian Federation, 2012/8/13
Metro Issues :: Louisville - Louisville History
      Steve Magruder, steve at metroissues . com, USA, 2012/7/24
Bicycle ride for (direct) democracy - OVER 4000 KILOMETERS FOR DEMOCRATIC JUSTICE - Nelson BC to Ottawa
Route: British Columbia - Alberta - Saskatchewan - Manitoba - Ontario
      Garrett D Hippy, gdhippy at gmail . com, Canada, 2012/7/18
Direct Democracy Constitution - This post is an update from the previous submission. I've made available the full text of the direct democracy U.S. Constitution at the posted URL.
      Daryl Davis, daryldavis00 at rocketmail . com, United States, 2012/7/14
New American Constitution: A Direct Democracy Alternative - For those interested in the necessary language of a direct democracy constitution please preview my document on Amazon. Everyone will have their own preferences as to a final version of such a work; but the following version represents a very good beginning, I believe.
      Daryl Lloyd Davis, daryldavis00 at rocketmail . com, United States, 2012/7/4
Freerz Community site - Mission and Purpose

(We strongly advise to read the Freerz Manifesto first, in order to understand the core principles We believe in.

Many netizens are feel Themselves much more comfortable and free while being on-line, than in Their real-World lives. They have a second life devoted to this virtuality, to this sea of online communities, to this Jungle.

They like to express Their opinions, voice Their concerns and share Their emotions online, while They don't want to do so in the real world.

They have respectable lives in the real world, but They want to discover new things and excitement in the virtual one without any comebacks to Their societal positions. This essentially keeps Them out of reach of many good causes - because They don't want to join any real-world entities. They just don't want to join street protests, parties, etc.

Freerz Community is a means for Them to be able to fight for worthy causes - in the virtual world - without associating themselves with any real-world entities.

Our world view is simple: All is One - One is All - All is All.
      Vanda Gioco, freerzcommunity at gmail . com, International, 2012/6/25
Intelligent deliberative direct democracy - This is my new DD organisation after Aktiv Demokrati was infiltrated by people who do not want to reason before voting and thus making DD look silly:
      Martin Gustavsson, martingustavsson72 at gmail . com, Sweden, 2012/1/13
Democracy 4.0 - In June 2010, Juan Moreno Yague, attorney from Sevilla, drafted an administrative statement requesting the Congress to allow him to participate in the voting process online, from home. This statement proposes that, considering that the voting-age population in Spain is 35 million represented by 350 deputies, it is possible to take a small portion of representation out of each of them. A thirty-five-millionth (our own portion of sovereignty) each time we choose to access via internet to Congress.
      Josep Ll. Ortega, jllortega at gmail . com, Spain, 2012/1/2
Novo Rumo - Novo Rumo is a civic movement that advocates the introduction of direct and semi-direct democracy in Portugal
      David Calado, novorumo at operamail . com, Portugal, 2012/1/1
The Canadian Cohousing Network - Cohousing is a type of intentional community that generally practice DD to govern themselves.
I have recently visited two of these cohousing communities in which decision making is done by consensus. I have heard that even in these small collectives that are bound by common interest, it may sometimes take a long time, lots of patience, and many meetings to achieve consensus on some issues (e.g., whether to have overhead or underground power lines). This may serve as a lesson to the broader community of DD advocates.
Northwest Intentional Communities Association" encompasses an even wider range of communities.
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, Canada (USA), 2011/10/7
We the People - White House Petitions - Your voice in the US government.
Surprisingly, the Obama White House also tries to introduce elements of DD from above by recently starting this petition site. So far anybody from anywhere can register and participate, which is OK as the US government would like to control the whole world. Spread the word about this possibility to tell the US government what you want.
Among others, there are already two petitions calling for the recognition and support of the grass-root "Occupy Wall Street Movement".
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, USA, 2011/10/7
NYC General Assembly - The Official Website of the GA at #OccupyWallStreet
This is a promising experiment to create a new political public space in which all citizens can participate - DD really starting at the grass-root level. The general assembly takes place every day at 7 pm in the occupied Zuccotti Park (renamed Liberty Plaza). It tries to collectively formulate the demands of the protesters and proposals for solutions. It is a slow process.
More links: Making of the declaration, Occupy Wall Street movement, Live stream, Guardian's coverage, ...
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, USA, 2011/10/7
More Democracy Society -
      Waldemar, fajrovulpo at gmail . com, Poland, 2011/7/12
prophet666 - A weblog of unique articles,includes fight against corruption and mis governance in India
      neel, prophetvcn at gmail . com, India, 2011/4/16
NOMOCRACY - WIKILEAKS UW = United Worldcitizens Today are produced more computers and phones than weapons. It leads to openness and the transition to direct democratic nomocracy is only a matter of time. There is no need for tricky diplomacy in a united global society without borders, with global e-laws, with e-laws instead of money, with e-laws that guarantee, among other materialistic equality, a few hours of work for all in service and production, good medical care for all, at least 12 years of education to all, maximized and minimized income and estate, and similar. Many politicians and other potentates, and a major shareholder condemn Wikileaks to defend their privileges at any costs, rather than to help save and improve the world as soon as possible. In a united and equitable world in which our (everyone’s) own e-law owns and controls everything, there is no need of extremely expensive military defense and only a minimal police force. Wikileaks shows that today it is “impossible” to guarantee any privacy. This is seen by us citizens of the world as a great victory. Internet accelerates transition to a single world language with common rules, instead of umpteen languages and communicative chaos. Transparency is the first step to a hopeful and peaceful evolution! , 50% OF THE WORLDCITIZENS ARE STARVING !
      FRED BLOMSON, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, SWEDEN, 2010/12/4
Initiative für mehr Demokratie -
      konrad hofer, konrad.hofer at dirdemdi . org, Italy, 2010/11/17
Intelligent Union -
      Martin, martinvaxjo at yahoo . com, Sweden, 2010/10/21
Intelligent Union - Intelligent Union = Intospection/Meditation Knowledge Feeling Thinking Love Awareness Discussion Consensus Direct Democracy by people.
      Emvie Martin, emviemartin at gmail . com, Sweden, 2010/10/14
Direct Democracy Candidate - The campaign site of a candidate for the 2010 British General Election, standing on a mandate of Direct Democracy. Now the Election has run the site is a repository for articles around the issue of democracy
      Peter Shields, info at . uk, UK, 2010/6/5
Classless Society and Direct Democracy] - This is a Discussion Forum in English concerning the possibility of a transition from the class society and bourgeois "democracy" to a classless society and direct "democracy" because one without the other can't fully work.
      Chambis Kiatipis, kiatipis1 at . cy, Cyprus, 2010/4/18
Better Democracy NZ -
      Steve Baron, steve at . nz, New Zealand, 2010/4/16
THE GOOD GLOBAL DD NETWORK - THE GOOD GLOBAL DIRECT DEMOCRATIC NETWORK In the name of the global society, we worldcitizens seek a good global DD-NETWORK functioning including the following principles: --- The good global DD-NETWORK is owned and governed by all the members/worldcitizens with equal status. --- The good global DD-NETWORK is served by employed administrators nominated and paid by the members/worldcitizens. No leaders are needed. --- In The good global DD-NETWORK, all the members/worldcitizens have the digital possibility to participate all the proposals, all the discussions all the decisions and all polling. --- In The good global DD-NETWORK never authorize by election any person to represent any person or any persons except the computational result of general polling.(Every member/worldcitizen will be able to represent this result and himself). --- The first goal of The good global DD-NETWORK must be the global substitution of advocacy (the so called repr. democracy) by DD and by Nomocracy (The rule of e-LAW). --- In The good global DD-NETWORK the best method to rash activate many members/worldcitizens is to give them the digital possibility to practice to propose, to discuss and to practice constitution of global e-LAWS to govern over all on earth and to own everything on earth instead of big leaders and big private owners. Example of two important global e-LAW propositions: --- global e-LAW to abolish heredity. YES ? NO? --- global e-LAW to replace money by e-LAW.(It means e-LAW to abolish money) YES? NO? Read more in the site: And leave comments (in the bottom of the site) and in my e-mail
      Fred Blomson, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, SWEDEN, 2010/4/9
Reconciliatory UNIFIED electoral list - Conciliators CAN change arrogant policies by promoting the TESTED Swiss Reconciliatory UNIFIED list for elections: it discourages unlulled egomaniacs and encourages mutual aid-dialogue-transparency-decentralization-friendship! As it comes from the ancient catalogs, the Reconciliatory Unified list has been the ONLY criterion for participation in the ancient slandered Olympic and other Unified list festivities! The END of OIL-metals and the lack of any other non-oil-alternative but decentralization and autarky, brings us closer to international truce and direct democratic mutual-aid confederations to face corruption, guided aggressive overpopulation and cannibalism.
      all.reconcile at yahoo . com, 2010/4/4
100318 BRUSSELS DECLARATION - Brussels declaration on global democracy 23 February 2010 Humanity faces severe global challenges in fields such as climate hange, international security, poverty reduction, human rights, disarmament and social development. The entire population of the planet has grown together into one single community that faces these issues as one... U N I T E D W E A R E S T R O N G E R ! UHC, UNITED HUMAN CIVILIZATION Please publish this address in your homepage ! Thank You ! Please send me comments to: Or see "add comment" at the very bottom of my webpage! Thank You! Fred Blomson
      Fred Blomsom, fred.blomson at gmail . com, SWEDEN, 2010/3/18
WCO, World Citizens Organization - DIRECT DEMOCRATIC NOMOCRACY -
Dear worldcitizen and becoming DD nomocrat!
WCO (World Citizens Organization) is the proposed name for our common organization.
Please e-mail me your vote with a constructive critical comment! Thank You! Fred Blomson, Please publish this address on the page of your organization. Thank You!
Please realize that DD Nomocracy is the only right solution to really better the world!
      Fred Démètre Blomson, fredblomson at gmail . com, SWEDEN, 2010/2/14
Toward Sustainable Social Systems - Two-day intnl. symposium, Dec. 14-15, 2009.
The increasingly complex and interconnected world in which we live poses broad new challenges for science and society. Among the most important are global climate change, clean energy, population growth, sustainable food and water supplies, and the development of effective social organizations on both local and global scales.
The science of complex systems, which focuses on systems having many component parts and multitudes of interconnections, highly nonlinear interactions, and patterns of organization at many scales, provides an important perspective for addressing those challenges.
This symposium will gather experts from a variety of disciplinary and institutional backgrounds to explore strategies for developing sustainable social systems.
      mk, dd at mkolar . org, Japan, 2009/12/5
The Central Party of Canada - The Central Party of Canada: the next generation of Canadian Politics! One that will poll Canadians regularly, through electronic devices, regular telephones, and the traditional walk in polling booths, to decide the important issues facing our nation. No longer will Canadians be subjected to the political decisions made by a majority government, minority government, or coalition governments with their party leaders monopolizing, and struggling for power. We are true Canadians who want a real "Dynamic and Participatory Democracy"!
What is Dynamic Participatory Democracy:
All Canadians desire the responsibility and the right to be directly involved in the political decisions that will affect their lives, and the lives of all other Canadians. By decentralizing the decision making process that the present party in power and its leader now has, and placing this responsibility into the hands of all Canadians continuously, we will achieve a true Canadian dynamic and participatory democracy.
      Yohan Byrde, yohan at centralparty . ca, Canada, 2009/11/12
The party of Internet DEmocracy - An English article about IDE, a Hungarian DD party. IDE aims to complement the existing representative democratic political system by the direct democracy. IDE aims to enrich of the direct democracy without revolution or the change of fundamental political system. IDE plans to constantly relay the discussion in the parliament and the citizens may vote about the topics online. The delegates have to reflect the directly democratic resolution of the citizens. The delegates: * 1. will be chosen lottery from the applicants. * 2. will resign per a month in case of the European Parliament, and per couple of months in case of the National government, to vacate their seats to the next. In the European Parliament, where the delegates are categorized by their fraction, IDE will be categorize as independent. * 3.will reflect the citizens resolution when they vote in the parliament. The citizens return the verdicts on IDE’s homepage.
      Adrian Richhill, justastrayghost at gmail . com, Hungary, 2009/10/19
CONSERVATIVE GOVERNING ORGANISATIONS - CONSERVATIVE REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRATIC ORGANISATIONS TREETING THE GLOBAL GOVERNING MATTER OVER OUR HEADS IGNORING e NOMOCRACY! ATTAC,, AWC, Association of World Citizens,, UNHCR, High commissioner for refugees,,, ASCOP, The Peoples Congess Consultative Assembly, IGP, Internet Governance Project, WFM AMWG, American Movement for World Government AWF, American world federalists, favor a constitutional convention. BGD explores how globalization can be governed in democratic ways. BGD, Building Global Democracy CC, Carnegie Council - The Voice for Ethics in International Policy UNRE, Center for UN Reform Education CDWG, Coalition for Democratic World Government CGS, Citizens for Global Solutions, see WFI, CINE REBELDE - images of a world in struggle, films related to social movements. COPAM CR, Club of Rome, analysis of the crucial problems facing humanity CWPS, Center for War/Peace Studies DG, Democracia Global, IT DGNV, UNA IN Germany DE DL, DWF, Democratic World Federalists EA, European Alternatives ECHO Internet platform for a new kind of participatory democracy ECI, EU C init ECI, The Earth Charter Initiative ERC European referendum campaign 4NI - The four nations initiative on Governance and Management of the UN * A21, Alliance 21,, rich European site with many links, lists
      Fred Blomson, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, Sweden, 2009/8/16
3rd International Conference on e-Democracy - 3rd International Conference on e-Democracy, Athens, Greece In September 2009
      Fred Blomson, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, Athens, Greece, 2009/8/15
      Fred Blomson, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, SWEDEN, 2009/7/8
GLOBALISATION - GLOBALISATION ORIGINAL GREEK DIRECT DEMOCRATIC NOMOCRACY IS THE ONLY DEMOCRACY TODAY! Fighting starvation and supporting basic education for all, is an obligation not a charity. Dear worldcitizens! The mass media report daily most about what leading persons think and do. (Please correct me if I am wrong!). Fundamental direct democratic Human Rights, fundamental global laws and direct democratic nomocracy, are not on the top and in the center of the reporting. What is direct democracy? What is original Greek direct democratic nomocracy? Can the world-citizens today legislate their own Radical Human Rights and laws to realize and to apply rights? (Wikipedia: Nomocracy is a governing which is ruled by law). Who cares about what the world-citizens think nowadays in reality about the Human Rights? Is representative democracy the best democracy today? Is representative democracy today a kind of elected dictatorship? Why is the abstention from political voting so big today? Is original Greek direct democratic nomocracy a better democracy and a better possible democratic system for the age of information technology? Please ask your consciousness and your common sense! LAW AND RIGHT Representative diplomatic politicians use diplomatic language to avoid the reality. What is the difference between laws and rights? Let us take a popular example: “All human beings are born equal…” Thank you for the right…! Which use has a starving of this right? In clear language: If we want to be all equal, we have to propose and to legislate global rights and laws to protect our rights. We need for instance a global law to maximize the private property and to authorize the world community (the global law) to own the surplus and to distribute it to the needy. I am very surprised that almost nobody wants to discuss fundamental original direct democratic laws and rule of law (nomocracy). We must begin by assembling around global law and right propositions and a basic plan of the global society. The only known main instrument and key to assemble around is the global law. It is high time to start to discuss global laws, not only rights, leading persons and other secondary subjects! Thank you in advance for the answer! Fred Blomson
      Fred Blomson, nomocrator at gmail . com, SWEDEN, 2009/7/7
Greek Direct Democracy Movement - A new site for the presentation of direct democratic activities in Greece.
      George Kokkas, geoko at otenet . gr, Greece, 2009/7/6
Direct Participatory Democracy - We are organizing and building a movement and web sites that will provide candidates ability to collect and count votes from eligible voters within their district and then once elected they will know and vote for or against legislation as the majority of the constituents who bother to vote have expressed. Eventually we will offer optical mark recognition forms so non computer users will also be able to vote. We want citizens from all over the US to declare their candidacy and run for office under the Direct Participatory Democracy Platform in the 2010 Election.
      Ken Driessen, info at whatisdemocracy . org, USA, 2009/6/23 referenda system - The democrat is a direct democracy referenda model based on a condorcet method of election.
It shows in practise how such a model can work and allow citizens to write as well as vote on referenda.
      Chris, mc_chrisb at yahoo . com, GB, 2009/6/21
Patterns of Democracy: Government Forms and Performance in Thirty-Six Countries - This is a successor to Lijphart's Democracies, which covered twenty-two countries. It is expanded to include LDCs like India, Costa Rica and Jamaica. This is the first text to cover the full range of democracies, and do so in an interesting and useful way. CONSENSUAL SYSTEMS WORK THE BEST!
      Mark, busher_m at yahoo . com, India, 2009/4/8
U.S.W.G.O. - United Political Coalition Community Forum - This Political Coalition
      Brian D. Hill, u.s.w.g.o.admin at gmail . com, USA, 2009/4/6
DIRECT DEMOCRACY EURO – VISION - The European Democrat - a site to discuss the integration of European DD movements. It has the Press Release from the recent Prague conference (March 22, 2009). More details to appear.
      George L. Kokkas, geoko at otenet . gr, Czech Republic, Greece, 2009/4/3
Too big to save: the end of financial capitalism - An article in OpenDemocracy by by Saskia Sassen professor of sociology and member of the Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University.
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, UK, 2009/4/3
New Constitution of Ecuador accepted - The new constitution of Ecuador completed by a special constitutional assembly in July 2008, containing many direct democratic tools, asserting native rights and rights for nature, has been accepted by voters in September 28, 2008 referendum.
      Mirek, dd at mkolar. org, Ecuador, 2008/9/29
Green Island - Green Island is the story of Democracy coming to a small province of Canada, and the subsequent attempts of the previous rulers to restore the old order. A positive vision for the way things might be.
      Dave Patterson, dave at rudemacedon . ca, Canada, 2008/9/27
A Revolutionary Fairy Tale - The WARM FUZZY TALE was written in late 1960's as a resource for social skill development of children.
It is also a powerful allegory of what is wrong with our current monetary and economic systems designed to create the appearance of scarcity, and artificial needs to benefit the interests of a few. Why are we inclined to fall for the wicked plans of all kinds of "bad witches?" So, this tale is really for all ages.
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, USA, 2008/9/22
The Montesueños Compact - Draft final statement of the Phoenix Gathering, June 8-14, 2008 - new approches to the crises that face humanity and the natural world.
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, Ecuador, 2008/9/11
parlement - A democratically moderated web forum and mailing list. Users can: - read existing texts - change his viewing filter - write a post - login with a pseudo (no need for confirmation) - vote 1 or -1 on posts The filter hides all the elements which votes are below a user selected threshold. It also works with mails: the user will only receive mails if their voted status reaches above the threshold. All actions can be done by mail, and all contents can be duplicated P2P style between parlement servers.
      echarp, emmanuel.charpentier at free . fr, France, 2008/4/14
Updating the United Nations in the Age of Cosmic Genealogy - Milestone developments in astrobiology and astronomy, interrelated - advancing human awareness and perception unifying all members of the human family - have begun the transition to a compassionate world order updating with new cornerstones and new guidelines the mission and purpose of the United Nations:
	     1)  World summitry on societal sustainability,
	     2)  A democratically planned and shared global economy,
	     3)  The DEMOCRATHON Process,
	     4)  Global freshwater equilibrium (Project Ice-SHARE/Green Earth).
The age of cosmic genealogy on Earth, dating from the landmark and pivotal work of Louis Pasteur in 1859 disproving spontaneous generation, manifests in modern times revolutionary research and discovery in astrobiology (panspermia) and in astronomy (reinterpreting quasar redshifts) led by the late Sir Fred Hoyle, by Chandra Wickramasinghe, Brig Klyce, Halton Arp, and others.
 "Life comes from space because life comes from life."  
	       -  Brig Klyce, Astrobiology Research Trust   
Clearly evidencing universal forelaws of empathy and compassion seated within the genome of humankind and all intelligent life, new cornerstones and new guidelines updating the United Nations become an important key to moving humanity beyond terrorism to the compassionate global society, to life-centered cosmologies, and to active membership in the cosmic community of intelligent life.
In forelawsship, Robert E. Cobb
      Robert E. Cobb, panaltruism at yahoo . com, USA, 2008/4/9
Economic Democray - Blueprint for economic democracy: A Worthy Socialism That Would Really Work.
By the World Prout Assembly (Prout = PROgressive UTilization Theory).
      Mirek, dd at mkolar . org, India, 2008/4/5
Books by Aki Orr - This site contains books and pamphlets on Direct Democracy, and also the books on the Israeli-Arab conflict. Both in English and Hebrew. In various formats. All books can be copied, quoted, and distributed, without asking for any copyright. All copyrights are waived.
      aki_orr at . il, Israel, 2008/3/24
building direct democracy from the groung-up -
      David A. Frank, davidafrank1948 at yahoo . com, United States, 2008/3/18
The Social Innovations Market - Very kind Friends of DD, I send you my best regards. I pray you to grant me few seconds to present an idea in order to favour a general social evolution and contemporaneously to let the most conscious and creative citizens of a Country to receive a gain for their civic engagement. In few words: 1) we observe that any citizen can acquire in a special Office an industrial patent in order to protect an idea that could be materializable in concrete objects; 2) we observe too that this protection, for the earnings that it permits, favors a continuous, enormous, swift technological development; 3) we hypothesize then the birth of a specific "social patent" that, even not limiting in any way the spread of ideas on the contrary widely divulging it, could grant identical opportunity of earning to those proposals of social innovations that, being first presented by a citizen in a special Office, would then be voted by other citizens inside a specific Social Innovations Market, and eventually finally ratified by the traditional authorities of Government. In this way we think that an equal development can be favored to the, today tragically ancient, organizations of our societies, of the same level and quality of the development that for long time have our technology. I hope this proposal could be of interest and divulged around you. I report its web site of reference with articles, a request, and a swiftly understandable flow-chart: My best and warmest regards (please: add our email to your NewsLetter), Danilo D'Antonio Laboratorio Eudemonia Piazza del Municipio 64010 Rocca S. M. Teramo - Italy
      Danilo D'Antonio, eulab at hyperlinker . com, Italy, 2008/3/7
An Alternative Constitution for Direct Democracy - Discover a new and alternative Constitution for Direct Democracy In France. You are welcome to work it and improve it.
      Joan Oji, , France, 2008/2/29 - Direct Democracy Courage Heritage!
      Direct Democracy, encourage at courage . net, Greece, 2008/1/27
DD/PD Worldwide Resource Page - a webpage with currently over 600 links by country to Direct/Participatory Democracy and Initiative and Referendum related websites and articles.
It was compiled by Democracy by the People, a newly formed DD advocacy group in the U.S. We are currently launching two websites in the form of blogs:
  1. democracybythepeople - to focus on DD in the USA
  2. delaesquinacaliente - to examine DD worldwide

      democracybythepeople at gmail . com, USA, 2008/1/12
Senator Online - New Australian Party devoted to the establishment of an On-line Senator in the Australian Senate. Fielded a candidate for each of Australia's states in the 2007 Election.
      Andrew Chambers, votedave at . au, Australia, 2007/12/2
Louisville History - Louisville History and Issues
      Steve Magruder, steve at historyandissues . org, USA, 2007/11/4
Governance in the 21st Century - This is a far-reaching and comprehensive description of a method of direct democracy and its implementation at all levels of government -- its advantages, its benefits, its challenges and its implementation.
      Russell McGee, rmcgee at gov21 . org, Global, 2007/11/3
First Democracy.Org - Literary works of a scholarly nature and works that state the logic of our cause have, so far, failed to ignite the public's imagination. Direct Democracy remains an underground movement. In his debut novel, AMENDMENT XXIX, B. Thomas Marking has crafted a story as uplifting as "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington". If we can get this book on the best-seller lists, it might just be the spark that starts the fire.
      B. Thomas Marking, wingsprd at goldenwest . net, USA, 2007/10/14
An exercise in direct democracy -, an exercise in direct democracy. Users may ask questions, put forward arguments, vote and change their vote from international to local level. All MPs are asked for their opinions
      Roy Daine, rdaine at btinternet . com, UK, 2007/5/31
The Atlantica Party - A new provincial party in Newfoundland
      Jonathan Dean, info at atlanticaparty . ca, Canada, 2007/3/14
Kol1 - Direct Democracy for Israel - Site of the kol1 movent. The site has articles about Direct Democracy and how it should be implemented in the state of Israel.
      David, Israel, 2007/1/23
Delusional Democracy - Delusional Democracy is the website featuring the writings of Joel S. Hirschhorn, a strong supporter of direct democracy. His book Delusional Democracy provides a large set of detailed policy and government reforms to restore American democracy. The articles page of the site provides links to the many articles on government, economics and politics by Dr. Hirschhorn.
      Joel S. Hirschhorn, articlev at gmail . com, United States, 2007/1/14
Democrator - Representative democracy is an self-elected dictatorship; after a long period it has failed to better the society at all the levels and can never better the society, that is why it should be replaced by e-democracy. The representative democracy and the political party system belongs to the history. Not any persons but the e-democratic LAW should govern at all the levels. Employed administrators should administrate the e-democratic will of the world citizens.
      Fred Blomson, fred.blomson at hotmail . com, Sweden, 2007/1/11
The Direct Democracy -
      DD Support Team, support at thedirectdemocracy . com, global websiste, 2006/12/27
Search Democracy search engine -
      Michael Bauwens, michael.bauwens at democratie . nu, Belgium, 2006/11/20
Populist/Democrat Party of Canada ... discontinued
Direct Democracy Is the Future! - conclusion of a Task Force of the National Conference of State Legislatures
      USA, 2006/10/29
OUR SAY - OUR SAY, the campaign for local and national referendums in the UK.
      Carl Quilliam, carl at our-say . org, UK, 2006/9/15
Direct Democracy for President - Hey guys we got a Direct Democracy Candidate running for President! Check out his web-site.
Also here is an article in the Greenwich Post about him.
Gravel: 'Let the people decide' By Kenneth Partridge, Staff Reporter
Mike Gravel hopes to bring the power to the people if the Democratic hopeful is elected in 2008. — Kenneth Partridge photo Candidates for public office routinely talk about giving power to the people, but 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Gravel means it — literally.
The 76-year-old former Alaska senator is running a campaign that largely centers around the National Initiative for Democracy, a proposed legislative package that would make citizens lawmakers by allowing them to vote on issues affecting their lives.
Earlier this week, while touring the area and speaking to local media, Mr. Gravel stopped by the Post and shared his thoughts on issues ranging from the war in Iraq to tax reform, vowing to “reverse the direction the country is going by 180 degrees.”
Power to the people
“The solutions to our problems of government are not going to be addressed by the Congress or the government itself — that’s where the problems lie,” said Mr. Gravel. “There’s only two possible venues for bringing any change: either the government or the people. So, if this is the problem, you’ve got to go to the people.”
Mr. Gravel said the current system is flawed, since voters elect people who serve special interests, not their constituents.
“What we have to do is understand the power of government is not in voting — it’s in lawmaking,” he said.
Accordingly, Mr. Gravel supports the National Initiative for Democracy, which, through an amendment to the Constitution, would give citizens the power to sidestep Congress and vote directly, rather than through representatives, on key issues.
While this might sound like the referendum process now used by many states and towns across the country, Mr. Gravel says the National Initiative is different, since the people would be bringing issues forward themselves, not merely voting on items government officials have opted to bring before them.
“The people, the minute they come into the process as partners, become senior partners,” he said. “The people need to become aware of this.”
Wary of being usurped, Congress, Mr. Gravel insists, would never pass a law empowering people in this way. Thus, he said, it’s up to interested citizens to learn more and throw their support behind the initiative. He said once 60 million citizens directly vote for the National Initiative for Democracy, it will, by virtue of his reading of Article 7 of the Constitution, become law.
“I have unreserved faith in the people,” he said. “They can do a better job on policy issues than their elected officials.”
Mr. Gravel has been working on the initiative for the last 15 years, and he believes it would remedy many of the nation’s ills, giving people a direct role in deciding matters of great
      Martin, martin.gravel2008 at gmail . com, USA, 2006/8/4 - 100% independent and active organisation for Swedish citizens. We want democracy now! So we´re up and running for elections in Sweden 2006-09-17. The party uses a combination of direct democracy and representative direct democracy. Check out our manifest in English and ask us all about it in our English open forum!
      Martin Gustavsson, martinvaxjo at yahoo . com, Sweden, 2006/7/31
Democratie.Nu - The movement for (direct) democracy in Belgium, formerly called 'WIT'.
      Michaël Bauwens, michael.bauwens at democratie . nu, Belgium, 2006/6/22
The Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities - is in force since January 2006. It covers: democracy, economic and social life, cultural life, recreation, physical activities and sports, environment and sustainable development, security and municipal services.
This Charter is the first of it's kind in North America. It encourages citizen's participation and enshrines some social and economic rights (that are not recognized at all in the Canadian constitution). It recognizes the importance of education towards being a good citizen - citizens can make good decisions only if provided with exhaustive information.
In Canada, cities (city governemnts) have no real autonomy, are not mentioned in the constitution. They are at the mercy of provincial and federal governments. This charter is also the expression of the grass-root calls that the right of people for true local self-gevernment be fully recognized. (According to the radio interview with Montréal's mayor on June 19).
      M. Kolar, mk at world-wide-democracy . net, Canada, 2006/6/19
The D2 Public Library - Beta 2 - Now Released! - Greetings all, I just finished a round of fixes and aesthetic updates for The D2 Public Library. Most of the bugs that people have been experiencing have been resolved. And it should now be a lot easier to look at and work with. Alas, I still haven't loaded all the links from the old library on the D2 site, but that should be finished in the near future. Again, here's the URL for The D2 Public Library: Enjoy!
      Steve Magruder, steve at stevemagruder . com, United States, 2006/5/28
      PEACEABLE DIRECT DEMOCRACY!, afovik1 at yahoo . com, GREECE, 2006/5/23
The DEMOCRATHON Process - The DEMOCRATHON Process website has been revised to emphasize steady-state solar energy. The new website URL is:
Thank you,
Robert E. Cobb
      Robert E. Cobb, panaltruism at yahoo . com, USA, 2006/4/21
Direct Democracy for Americans - This is a petition to the government of the united states of america demanding a direct democracy. Please sighn.
      Nicholas Rozzi, rrozzi at optonline . net, USA, 2006/4/2
Direct Democracy Canada - Improve our Democracry. We have taken the idea of democracy this far, lets finish the work! Promoting your input into all decisions that affect your life. This is the idea that self-rule is possible, thay you decide what happens in your world. 2006
      karl taliesin, karl.taliesin at ddemocracy . net, Canada, 2006/3/21
Direct Democracy Portal - Direct Democracy Portal, mixing open source with politics to create a portal for online organisations governed through direct democracy. Using maven2, mysql, hibernate3, spring, struts-tiles, jstl on jboss.
      Pether Sorling, pether at users.sourceforge . net, Global, 2006/2/9
Direct-Deliberative e-Democracy - The site is devoted to the promotion of two new books on DIRECT DEMOCRACY: Democracy as the Political Empowerment of the People: The Betrayal of an Ideal (May 2005, ISBN 0-7391-1025-X, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc., Lanham Boulder New York Toronto Oxford) AND Democracy as the Political Empowerment of the Citizen: Direct-Deliberative e-Democracy (May 2005, ISBN 0-7391-1028-4, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc., Lanham Boulder New York Toronto Oxford).
      Majid Behrouzi, majid.behrouzi at tri-c . edu, U.S., 2006/1/15
The Third Party - This web page is an experiment in which anyone may participate in writing a political party platform. The Third Party of America is one of the minor political parties and is sponsoring this Wiki document experiment to have ordinary people write its platform. You can join this experiment and help write the Third Party's Platform. The experiment ends January 27 2006, so there's not much time left for the current project. Hopefully it will be renewed later. You can also go to the Third Party's website, to join its message board. There are boards there where you can criticize the Platform and suggest changes in it. Or you can join the Wiki Platform directly as a contributor by going to the 3rd Party website and click on a link there "Help Build Our Platform". The Wiki page takes you directly to the current 3rd Party Platform which is under construction, so you can read the different sections of it. I don't think there is any other political party, big or small, which allows absolutely anyone to join in the process of writing its Platform. Nothing is imposed "from the top down".
      Leonard Garland, Freetrader at aol . com, U.S.A., 2005/12/30
Help sorely needed to build a True Democracy Community - Dear All Believers in Democracy, Your help are now sorely needed to build a True Democracy Community (TDC). Your help are needed not only in contributing ideas and advice, but more importantly in voting and making decisions for the TDC when there are enough members to do so. Members of the TDC are practising democrats who will decide what democracy means to them and are obliged to live by their own decisions in managing the affairs of the TDC including their own conduct towards one another as members. Please visit the TDC website for more details. Any advice, contribution in ideas or help for the building of the TDC is most welcome. You can do so at the website. Be a practising democrat. Be part of the True Democracy Community:
      Eric Lim (lpc1998), lpc1998 at lpc1998 . com, Singapore, 2005/12/25
Democracy and Constitution/ Fundamental/ New paper - Announcement Democracy and Constitution/ Fundamental/ New paper TITLE Referenda: Plebiscites or Opinion Polls. An Analysis of the Use, Constitutionality and Appropriateness of Direct Democracy in the British Constitution. The author, a senior student of law at an English university, sent us this completed and highly graded degree dissertation, with permission to distribute it. The paper may be downloaded free of charge from In this paper the author, refreshingly, challenges old assumptions in long neglected issues of British constitution, sovereignty in governance, and plebiscitary democracy. Regards M Macpherson -------------------------- Dr. Michael Macpherson Integral Studies ~ PSAMRA Guildford GB + Berlin FRG e-mail:
      Michael Macpherson, mm at iniref . org, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 2005/12/16
Democracy 2.0 - The "Democracy 2.0" site has also been reestablished, although it is now more of a political site sample (for my web development biz) and is no longer getting any meaningful updates. However, I will hold open the option of returning to new development there at some point in the future. The D2 site has moved from its old URL at to . Enjoy.
      Steve Magruder, steve at stevemagruder . com, USA, 2005/11/12
D2 Discussion Zone - The D2 Discussion Zone has been brought back to life after a long down period. If you were a member before, it is very likely, your membership has been maintained. I apologize for the long downtime, but my life has gone through a major shake-up in recent times, and maintaining the D2/DZ was a low priority. For those who are not familiar with the board, it is basically "a place to discuss practical direct democracy efforts". It also serves as an ever-improving sample of new discussion board software in development dubbed Citizen Assembly Board. The D2 Discussion Zone can be found here.
      Steve Magruder, steve at stevemagruder . com, USA, 2005/11/12
Constitutional Amendment Creates Direct Democracy by Nationwide Initiatives - This detailed proposal and action plan calls for a Constitutional Amendment authorizing direct democracy by nationwide Initiatives. It empowers the People to ensure that the federal government shall promote the general well-being over special interests. An independent Voter Initiatives Assembly, responsible only to the People, deliberates and chooses worthy Initiatives for the federal election ballots. Constitutional safeguards vigorously protect the Assembly from any improper influence. Using the Constitution's second method, the States propose this Amendment at a Constitutional Convention and later ratify it. Voters advance its passage in 24 States using State initiatives, in the remaining States using referenda, and by voters' choice of supportive representatives.
      Anthony U. Simpson, AUSimpson at cablespeed . com, USA, 2005/11/3
Proposing a Constitutional Amendment for limited Direct Democracy by nationwide voter Initiatives. - This detailed proposal and action plan calls for a Constitutional Amendment for nationwide voter Initiatives. A Voter Initiatives Assembly (like a very large Federal Grand Jury) will deliberate and chose a limited number of worthy Initiatives for the federal election ballots. Constitutional safeguards will protect the Assembly from improper influence. Using the Constitution's second method, the States will propose this Amendment at a Constitutional Convention and later ratify it. In all States, voters will assist its passage by the State using State initiatives and referenda. This limited direct democracy will ensure that the federal government shall promote the general well-being over special interests.
      Anthony Simpson, ausimpson at cablespeed . com, USA, 2005/10/29
Center for Range Voting - "Range Voting" is a simple and superior single-winner voting system in which voters rate every candidate on an 0-99 scale and the candidate with the highest average rating wins. This site discusses Range Voting's many advantages - versus the disadvantages of other systems. We want to try to make it happen in the Iowa 2008 presidential caucuses. Please join and endorse us so you can help.
      Warren D. Smith, warren.wds at gmail . com, USA, 2005/10/28
DD Constitution Chatroom and Study Hall - Mission Statement: To create a pure democracy government model that can exist among large scale populations. Where all individuals, regardless of wealth, party affiliation and\or political connections, have access to alter their government. A society where the government exists as the people themselves and all decisions, be they right or wrong, are theirs alone to make. Click on Socrates Forum to see the Constitution in Process. Be apart of the process send recommendations and alterations to to be a part of the great experiment. See you there.
      Michael Stansfield, Pure_Democracy at yahoo . com, United States, 2005/10/28
Athens Project - a small effort underway in Maryland - The Athens Project is an effort to elect people of any party or none to hold office and submit to popular will via a direct democracy database application. People willing to run for office, willing to write articles for the web page or link to existing resources, willing to link athensproject to their DD related websites are all needed. Lots more opportunities will be available limited only by volunteers' imagination. If we can get a candidate who pledges to govern this way on a ballot for any office anywhere, a pro-bono database programmer has agreed to produce a demo of the direct democracy web application. I have a long shot independent campaign for Montgomery County Council begun, starting with an online petition to get on the ballot. (Party candidates need no signatures.) Feel free to write.
      William Jacobs, athensproject at gmail . com, USA, 2005/7/27
A(nother) new political party "Demokracie" (Democracy) in Czechia - A(nother) new political party "Demokracie" (Democracy) in Czechia.

Initiators, founders:
-  Petr Czasch, fighting wide-spread corruption
-  Jan Sinagl, fighting wide-spread continuing (post)communist power and arrogance
-  Jiri Polak, promoting direct democracy (initiator and founder of the Czech HzPD movement)

More info and contact (in Czech):
      Vladimir Rott, d-europe at vjrott . com, Czechia (Czech republic), 2005/7/25
Athens Project - a small effort underway in Maryland - The Athens Project is an effort to elect people of any party or none to hold office and submit to popular will via a direct democracy database application. People willing to run for office, willing to write articles for the web page or link to existing resources, willing to link athensproject to their DD related websites are all needed. Lots more opportunities will be available limited only by volunteers' imagination. If we can get a candidate who pledges to govern this way on a ballot for any office anywhere, a pro-bono database programmer has agreed to produce a demo of the direct democracy web application. I have a long shot independent campaign for Montgomery County Council begun, starting with an online petition to get on the ballot. (Party candidates need no signatures.) Feel free to write.
      William Jacobs, athensproject at gmail . com, USA, 2005/7/25
1, philosophy and politics (DD) -
      Miles Kuhn, mjkbmk at localnet . com, US, 2005/4/24
Institute for Advanced Policy Studies - Dear sirs. Hello How do you do? We are interesting in your proposal. We established The Institute for Advanced Policy Studies (a Non-Profit Organization) in the last month. So, our Home Page is constructing now, but we have got address ( Maybe, it will be open in June. Our institution is approved by National Government in Japan. If you can read Japanese, please access NPO National Government Home Page. The mission of our Institute is the improvement of public policies. We think that Direct Democracy is a means in order to improve our public space in the every day life. Is it possible for you to keep contact with us? If possible, please keep contact with us. Bye-bye T. Gomi
      Taishi Gomi, taishi-gomi at ma ., Japan, 2005/4/10
Call for Initial WDDM Membership Applications - To apply, send an empty e-mail to and then follow the instructions that will be sent to you in the confirmation request: include in the body of the reply to the confirmation request whatever information about yourself could be of interest to the DD community (that is not yet in the "DD public domain"). After the April 10 deadline, all the applications obtained will be sent to all the other applicants, who all would be asked to review/accept/reject them. You will then sent your comments back to the webmaster who would tabulate the results. E-mail back also your suggestions for the consensus level needed to accept or reject somebody's application.
What do you think about this initial proposal: an application will be accepted if not more than 20% of others send any objection to it (an 80% approval consensus level)? In any case, if any objections to somebody's application would be raised, they would be all again collected and resent to all the other applicants for further comments, perhaps even several times, until a comfortable consensus on this application is achieved.
More on consensus.
      WDDM Webmaster, webmstr at world-wide-democracy . net, World, 2005/3/26
2008 Presidential Candidate for Direct Democracy - This site is dedicated to the establishment of direct democracy in America by electing a pro-DD US President in 2008. The candidate, Rick Williams, will work to organize a Constitutional Convention to legalize direct democracy in America and establish a legal route for spreading direct democracy worldwide.
      Rick Williams, rick at revolution2008 . org, USA, 2005/3/13
BC-STV To Break Party Dominance(cont.) - {CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS MESSAGE} Mock Up BC-STV Ballot.

BC-STV Demonstration Ballot

B.C. Election Stock Market.

The 2005 UBC Election Stock Market is a financial market in which the ultimate values of the contracts being traded are based on the outcome of the next British Columbia Election to the Provincial Parliament in Victoria on Wednesday, May 17, 2005, and the electoral reform referendum which will be held on the same day. For details regarding the contracts being traded consult the information in the trader's manual.
UBC Election Stock Market

Public Forums Discussing BC-STV STV For BC
BC-STV, Canadian Content
TalkON Canada about BC-STV babble about BC-STV
Rafe Mair Online - BC-STV
BC Talk about BC-STV

      Scott Etches, msgboard at etches . net, Canada, 2005/2/6
Democracy Party of Canada -
An interesting confluence of events is encouraging the fragmentation of federal politics in Canada -- and it's for the better! There are now several parties represented in Parliament, in addition to 'Independents', with as many as two or three new ones in the near future. New legislation, Bill-C3, will encourage more. The current minority government may signal the end of the phony majority governments that have been leading Canada through most of its history, where a popular vote minority as low as 37 percent wins a majority of the seats in the current first-past-the-post system. As well, proportional representation or single transferable ballot are just two changes to the electoral system currently under discussion across the country, at all levels of government. Under these ripe conditions, new political parties are forming in Canada: the Democracy Party of Canada is one, hoping to be registered under the new rules in Bill-C3 soon enough to field candidates in the next election. We support the implementation of direct democracy at the federal level. As government, or as an influence to the majority Party, we will emphasize three main principles: * a strong democracy of, for and by the people * responsible and accountable administration of our taxes and management of the issues of federal concern * supporting the most vulnerable in society: the poor, the sick and handicapped, children and the elderly Steve Garry The Political Party that Respects the Wisdom, Fairness and Generosity of Canadians The Democracy Party of Canada

      Steve Garry, sgarry at democrat . ca, CA, 2005/1/1
Direct Democracy Canada - Direct Democracy Canada is a grassroots citizen movement dedicated to the implementation and support of direct democracy systems in Canada.
      G. Ruthven, admin at directdemocracycanada . ca, Canada, 2004/12/7
direct democracy worldwide - Hi there you may be interested in the following site at: We are hoping to link from around the world, direct democracy websites, initiatives, discussion forums, affiliated groups and organisations. We are apolitical brought together by a desire to introduce fairer and more accountable systems of democracy around the world based on variations of Direct Democracy. We have had contacts as far away as Sweden, Brazil and Canada. Please feel free to contact us if you feel that you might have something interesting to add to the site. best wishes, jo hastings
      jo hastings, johastings at directdemocracyinternational . com, UK, 2004/11/24
DD in Australia -
PowerUp is dedidacted to bringing Direct Democracy into Australia's political system.
      John Abercrombie, john at powerup ., Australia, 2004/11/23
A NEW DEMOCRACY FOR THE 21st CENTURY - Direct democracy is the inherent right of all citizens to represent themselves. Without the right of direct democracy - the right of the people to politically represent themselves then no bill passed by any parliament or legislature is law. As will be explained further in this write up - "Direct Democracy and the Democratic Right of Non-Participation In The Political Process" - direct democracy includes the democratic right of any citizen not to be forced into participating in the political process provided that choice is made of their own free will. The Personal Representative allows all citizens to participate if they want to in the political process without fear that their non-participation will result in a minority (no matter how well intentioned)seizing control of the political process. This is direct democracy - of the people, by the people, for the people.
      intermedusa at yahoo . com, Canada, 2004/11/21
Implementing Partial Direct Democracy in India - Hi,
I am Rahul Mehta, a small time politician in India (city Ahmedabad, state Gujarat).

Basically, given existing Indirect Democracy, by passing a law in Senate/Parliament etc, which creates a "direct" law-making procedure, we can convert existing indirect democracy into total or partial, pure or mixed, Direct Democracy.
In addition to legislature, by promoting and strenghening JURY SYSTEM, we can increase DIRECTNESS and reduce INDIRECTNESS in our courts, and thus make our democracy more direct and less indirect.

Now I am trying to get following 3 laws passed. One in City Council of Ahmedabad, another in Gujarat State Assembly and third in Parliament of India. As of today, I am focusing ONLY on the first two.

The text of draft to be passed in City Councils and Assembly are at
These laws enact a new LAW-MAKING procedure, which I call as 'PARTIAL DIRECT VOTE'. The procedure is described at lm02.htm.

The brief description is as follows of the law making procedure I propose: (called as Partial Direct Vote)

(An existing LEGISLATIVE BODY, which used indirect democracy, divides a region into CONSTITUENCIES. A constituency has one REP. The body has what is called as SPEAKER who manages the house.)

1) any citizen can submit a draft to the speaker after paying a fee. The speaker will give a serial number.

2) any citizen can register his YES/NO on the draft within next 90 days after paying a small fee to cover the expenses.

3) the representative can register his YES/NO within next 30 days after speaker had issued the serial number. If the rep does NOT register YES/NO, it will be taken as a NO. THE VOTING IS NOT CONFIDENTIAL.

4) On 91st day, the speaker will calculate YES/NO fraction of each constituency as follows:

  Say a constituency has 100,000 voters.
  Say 10000 (10%) voters registered YES
  Say 20000 (20%) voters registered NO
  Then Rep's vote's weight will be     (100000 - 10000 - 20000) = 70000 i.e. 70%

Say Rep votes YES, then YES-fraction of that constituency will 10% + 70% = 80% and NO-fraction will be 20%.
Say Rep votes NO, or does NOT vote, then YES-fraction of that constituency will be 10% and NO-fraction will be 90%.

5) The speaker will add up the YES/NO-fractions of each constituencies, and if sum of YES-fractions exceed sum of NO-fractions, he will declare the draft as passed.

---------- Summing up: the procedure makes a Reprenstative as one who represents those, all those, but ONLY those who have NOT represented themselves.
Basically, this mixes the direct and indirect democracies. The citizens have procedure to register YES/NO after paying a fee, and rep will represent those who have chosen NOT to register YES/NO.

Those who like the bill, I request you to contact me at

Thanx, -Rahul
      Rahul Mehta, mehtarahulc at yahoo . com, India, 2004/11/8

WDD September Newsletter - The September issue of the World Direct Democracy (WDD) by Jiri Polak.
      Bernard Clayson, bernard-clayson at shuartfarm ., World, 2004/9/11
People's Constitution for Europe! - Citizens of Europe demanding - and working on - the "People's Constitution" / "Constitution of Participatory Democracy"
Sources, results:
      Vladimir Rott, d-europe at vjrott . com, Europe (Switzerland, Czechia), 2004/9/10
Link Request - Hi, Please consider linking to is dedicated to restoring democratic authority over corporations, reviving grassroots democracy, and revoking the power of money and corporations to control government and civic society. Thanks -- Rich Points
      Rich Points, rich at richpoints . com, US, 2004/9/2
New social networking group for direct democracy - is an up-and-coming social networking tool where one can make both personal and professional connections, join groups (called tribes) that reflect one's interests, advertise their services and wares, and much more. If you've heard of Friendster, takes the idea and implementation a lot further.

Recently, I started the "Direct Democracy" tribe at Here's the current tribe description (open to suggestions for changes):

This tribe is for those who favor expanding public participation in the process of public policy decision making as well as expanding and enhancing the citizen-sponsored initiative process. This is not about simple direct democracy, but about making democracy in a republican context more direct.

Hopefully, this new tribe can be seen as a neutral (and mostly ad-free) location for direct democracy supporters and enthusiasts to congregate and network.

Hope to see you all there!
      Steve Magruder, director at democracy2 . org, 2004/8/27

"Beyond Plutocracy" - Free online book. According to the author, "America is not a democracy but a plutocracy. Plutocracy is governance by the wealthy. This book offers a true democratic process, consensus democracy, and other alterations to our government and society designed to move us beyond our current plutocracy, creating a more perfect union possessing greater justice, freedom and happiness for everyone."
      Michael Abrams, msabr at earthlink . net, U.S., 2004/8/15
European Referendum Campaign ERC - A concise website, where you may (1) get a brief info about ER(C) as wel as (2) sign the Call for European Referendum. In 25 languages. For more details, background info go to (already on of the links on this, Mirek Kolar's, DD website). Same people, organizations, supporters behind these - and - websites.
      Vladimir Rott, d-europe at vjrott . com, Europe, 2004/8/7
Cafe Babel on e-politics and DD - E-politics: a revolution?
Direct democracy – just a click away?
The Internet - weapon of mass attraction
The Internet: A Virtual Road to EU Success? vs
      Mirek, Europe, 2004/7/15 - Begin Observations Open Forum Vote Thomas Paine is candidate for public office in 2004 election cycle.
      skydancer, skydancer at direct-democracy . us, United States, 2004/7/14
Article: "The Distribution of Power" - Article proposing that the power should be distributed according to the general principle "a decision should be made by the group of people affected by the consequences of the decision".
Published in "Philosophy Now", March 2003.
      Lars Elgstam, lars at elgstam . com, 2004/7/13
Direct Democracy Online Constitution and Chat Forum - Direct Democracy if not done correctly can turn out to work in contrast to our hopes and dreams. To make sure that does not happen I have created a site where a direct democracy constitution is being created from recommendations and advice from individuals coming to the site. After all any Constitution for a direct democracy should begin from the people and what better forum than here on the internet where we are not separated my political land boundaries, culture or creed, but rather can meet with a common cause and voice. If you have any advice for me feel free to email me at or visit the site at The site also includes an interactive chatroom. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
      Michael Stansfield, pure_democracy at yahoo . com, United States of America, 2004/7/7
New Political System for the Information Age Draft #05 (NPS)

Hi!, everybody.

The journey in search for a New Political System for the Informative Age (NPS) begins here.

If you agree that the existing political systems have not only let the ordinary folks down for thousands of years in the history of mankind, but also are manifestly inadequate for the future and have an idea or suggestion for the NPS, your contribution is most welcome.

The NPS must be truly democratic, meaning at its core is the sovereignty of the electoral majority, and at the same time provides effective government for the country and the people. And in order to get the discussion going, a NPS Draft is proposed here for the consideration of the readers for comments or amendments or additions of more and better ideas.

The search for a NPS is a worthwhile project that goes beyond local concerns with global and historic significance and you are invited to join this enriching and exciting journey in search of the NPS.

We may have problems that are apparently “insurmountable” as presently seen, but historic moments occur when such “insurmountable” problems are overcome. This is consistent with the lessons of history; for instance, the sudden and “inconceivable” demise of the former Soviet Union in December 1991.
      Eric Lim (lpc1998), lpc1998 at lpc1998 . com, Singapore, 2004/7/4

Proposed Constitutional Amendment creates Direct Democracy and Voter Initiatives - The purpose of this web site is to propose a practical long-term solution to Government control by wealthy special interest groups and other matters troubling to the People. It contains a comprehensive action blueprint including a Constitutional Amendment that will authorize the necessary amount of direct democracy. Initiatives will be selected and managed by a Voter Initiatives Assembly whose members are a cross-section of the electorate serving for one year (somewhat like a large independent Federal Grand Jury). Constitutional safeguards protect the Assembly from influence of wealthy special interests, media exploitation and tampering.
      Anthony Simpson, ausimpson at cusdi . org, USA, 2004/7/1
D2 Discussion Zone - The D2 Discussion Zone is the Autonomous Discussion Board for Democracy 2.0, a place to discuss practical e-democracy and direct democracy efforts... and much more. This discussion board has moved to a new URL as part of some new changes to come (and will be announced at a later time).
      Steve Magruder, director at democracy2 . org, USA, 2004/6/6
A political party which practises direct democracy - A novel approach to the application of direct democracy and to the fundamental purpose of a political party. 'Your Party' allows all members of the party to take a full and equal part in deciding all the party's policies. It begins with a blank sheet, without party-political or philosophical bias, and it seeks to allow the views of its members to direct the decisions of its representatives elected to local councils, national and European parliaments. Membership of 'Your Party' is open to all, even members of other political parties.
      Jim McGlynn, vote at onetel ., Great Britain, 2004/6/5
Direct Democracy in Latin America - You can download from this site a report on the current situation of direct democracy in Latin America. Comments are welcome.
      J.C. Madroñal, jcmadronal at yahoo . com, Spain, 2004/5/28
Democracy Circles Project - - encourages you to reclaim your power.
Your power is far greater than you might imagine.
- far greater than others would like you to believe.
- extends far beyond your ability to cast a ballot.
- resides in all of the choices you make every day.
- lies in your choice to take the time to seek out the truth from a variety of national and international news sources from a variety of opinions to decide for yourself if what you're being told by any single source is the truth. ...
      USA, 2004/5/15
"E-democracy" entry in the Wikipedia - Here's an opportunity for everyone to contribute to a global open-source encyclopedia article for the term "e-democracy". So far, the description is bare-bones, but with your contributions, this article can become much more comprehensive and complete.
      Steve Magruder, director at democracy2 . org, USA, 2004/5/10
Bernard Clayson, a DD theoretician and activist -
      Jiri Polak, jiri . polak at, UK, 2004/5/10
Prof.Becker´s website -
      Jiri Polak, jiri . polak at, USA, 2004/5/10
The wiki for a Better Democracy - It is an optimistic sign of this time that a great number of individuals and groups working toward what can loosely termed a better democracy in the world exist and get more numerous by the day. Some work at local levels, other at national or international levels and many have entered the information highway and have presence in Internet. Some deal with world governance issues, other try to promote direct democracy, many strive for a new economic democracy, most are worried about environmental and sustainability issues.
However, we feel there is also the necessity to create some means of convergence among this plethora of separate efforts. We have created this wiki as first among other future projects, to help synergize this convergence process
      Josep Ll. Ortega, jllortega at andorra . ad, Andorra, 2004/5/10
Aktiv Demokrati - The Swedish Direct Democracy Party - 100% functional and growing - The number of members roughly redouble every 6 month. And still we have no ordinary media campain yet. The succsess is based on active members spreading the word, the wikibased homepage and a 100% direct democratic working system by
      Martin Gustavsson, martinvaxjo at yahoo . com, Sweden, 2004/5/6
DD candidate for American President - Considering that I'm pushing for direct democracy (as defined by myself prior to learning about various websites), I'm asking you to go to my website and simply click on the "Support Me" link. Once you've clicked on that link, you need do nothing more to support me unless you are willing to send others a "Postcard" or email requesting they support me. Sincerely, Clay Olson Candidate
      Clay Olson, clayolsonamericancandidate at yahoo . com, USA, 2004/4/13
Digital Governance Initiative - Digital Governance Initiative researches and propagates innovative electronic governance models in developing countries. These models are based on strategic application of knowledge and ICT in the governance sphere. To join the Digital Governance Network, send a blank email to:
      Vikas Nath, v . nath-alumni at, India, 2004/4/8
direkte Demokratie - Linkliste, Suche, Termine - Eine Welt mit vielen Stimmen.
      steffen, 23-42 at gmx . de, germany, 2004/3/18
Direct Access Democracy Canada, a new political party - How can ordinary people participate in governing?
Real democracy is a vision that is still to be realized. We live in a time when:
· we can either participate in a system that listens to us only once every four years or
· we can totally abdicate of our political say and let government take its own way or
· we can claim our right to access and participate directly in government and shape the future of our society.
The primary purpose of Direct Access Democracy Canada (DAD Canada) and all its activity is based on the fundamental principle that each eligible member has the right to directly participate every day in the government of her (his) country using democratic practices.
The Vision, Mission, Constitution, and the Principles of Direct Access Democracy Canada can be found on our website:
We are offering our members the chance to participate directly in government.
The problems of Canada can be solved only by the People of Canada, together, regarding of their political orientation.
DAD Canada is willing to collaborate with every progressive democratic organization and individuals. Please contact us. DAD Canada participates in the 2004 Federal Elections CANADA.
      John Oprea, john . o at, Canada, 2004/3/13
The Union of Concerned Scientists - UCS is an independent nonprofit alliance of more than 100,000 concerned citizens and scientists. It's mission is to craft practical environmental solutions for a healthier environment and a safer world.
UCS stands out among environmental organizations as the reliable source of sound scientific information.
      mk, USA, 2004/3/7
café babel - café babel - La revue européenne en ligne - Special issue: "Are we all anti-Semitic?"
      Europe, 2004/2/25
eVote®/Clerk system - "The Clerk" is a specialized database server, specialized to keep votes for a computer-connected community.
"eVote®" is any user interface that uses The Clerk.
eVote®/Clerk 2.52 is the email user interface for taking polls amongst the members of email lists. It cooperates with Mailman and Majordomo listservers.
The latest release and source code is available at:
      USA, 2004/2/8
      Michael Wallace-Macpherson, mw-m at iniref . org, Britain and Germany, 2004/1/12
Freedom is responsibilty - This resource is built on the assumption that any form of government is harmful for individuals and profitable for the state operators.

Democracy, like anarchy, is a stage in personal development. Meanwhile, we have what we deserve.
      Roman, Kitainik, Israel, 2004/1/5
Baikal Environmental Wave - An organization devoted to the protection of the sensitive environment in the Lake Baikal region, education of the public and especially the young generation, and the promotion of the local self-government, which is more or less a Direct Democracy approach.
      Russia, 2004/1/1
The Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform - British Columbia has rediscovered sortition. The design of their next electoral system is in the hands of 158 randomly selected citizens.
      Canada, 2003/11/21
From Director's Democracy to DD - An introduction to DD in Dutch, English and Serbo-Croatian: A short handbook for the post-parlamentary project.
      Marco, marco at squat . net, Netherlands, 2003/10/20
Australian attempt at Direct Participation - An organisation seeking to implement a model of direct democracy in the Australian Parliament.
      Claudio Bernardinatti, c . bernardinatti at, Australia, 2003/10/8
Science and Democracy - Article in the journal NATURE: Dealing with democracy
The drive for greater public participation in the regulation and politics of technologies is both necessary and irreversible. But proposals to extend it into the selection of publicly funded research contain dangers to science and society.
International E-democracy Meetup Day - Meetup with other local citizens to discuss how technology can enhance the democratic process.
      Steve Magruder, director at democracy2 . org, All Countries, 2003/9/26
D2 Discussion Zone - A discussion board dedicated to discussion of the practical development of direct democracy in the United States. Participants from around the world are welcome.
      Steve Magruder, director at democracy2 . org, USA, 2003/9/26
Legalizing U. S. Democracy - The most plausible effort yet, The National Initiative for Democracy, is mounting a serious movement to pass both a "Democracy Act" and a "Democracy Amendment" to the US Constitution. It will create a "US People's Legislature" to co-govern with Congress.

I've been assured by Senator Mike Gravel, the founder, that once the system is established in America, they'll work toward enfranchising the rest peoples of the world.

Click the link and go vote for the Initiative now, (US Citizens Only).
      Al Smith, info at majorityvoice . com, USA, 2003/7/2

Votable forums for every issue - doesn't just discuss democracy. It is the only current example of an actual system of the inevitable literal ditital Democracy of humankind's future.
Our "votable" Forum System is a free, non-partisan, local/global, member-initiated, issue-specific, democratic, perpetual-town-hall-meeting capable of enabling all the diverse groups of Humanity to define, proclaim and achieve their common goals.
All it needs is your participation.
      Al Smith, info at majorityvoice . com, All, 2003/7/2
Correct URL for FAQS on Active Humanist website - The URL for the FAQS page on the Active Humanists of America website has been revised to
      L. Gottlieb, common1 at acthum . net, USA, 2003/4/15
A new way to perform democracy - Direct Access Democracy Party of Canada (DAD Canada) believe in the right of the Canadians to participate in government at all levels everyday. We believe all eligible and interested citizens must be given the opportunity to make political decisions on all issues that impact our lives. We believe in equal opportunity of individuals to participate in government and the responsibility to preserve the rights of others. We can all take part in the improvement of the law, and to ensure a fair, honest and humane government. Direct Access Democracy Party of Canada was constituted on March 1, 2003. Please visit our site We would like to cooperate with every democratic organization in Canada. Please include a link to our site. Thank you, John, DAD Canada
      John, mail at directaccessdemocracy . org, Canada, 2003/3/7
Yoga and Meditaton - I recommend to everyone who wishes this beautiful website of Meditation, yoga, religion, philosophy… I received a lot of inspiration from it hope you will too
      sheleg33 at aol . com, usa, 2003/3/5
Foreign Policy Dialogue - This online citizen engagement project with the Department of Foreign Affairs provides an opportunity for Canadians to contribute to Canada's Foreign Policy.
      Dhirender Nirwani, dhirender at ecommons . net, Canada, 2003/3/1
Representative Held Referenda Democracy now! - Direct democracy now with a new style of representative democracy. Let the B.C. government be conducted by a direct democratic architecture controlled by the constituency. Under this proposal the representative is beholden to the constituent without any constitutional changes.
      Scott Etches, vote at etches . net, canada, 2003/2/10
European Referendum Campaign - Visit the homepage of the
We demand that there should be no European constitution without the explicit will of the European peoples.
Appeal The signatories of the appeal demand:
1) that an EU Constitution or Constitutional Treaty must be submitted to the citizens in a European referendum in all the countries concerned.
2) that the Parliaments of the states concerned make the appropriate legal and constitutional provisions for a binding referendum.
3) that the EU Constitution or Constitutional Treaty can only be adopted in the countries in which a majority vote in favour of it.
4) that the referendum take place simultaneously with the European elections in 2004.

      Ronald Pabst, pabst at european-referendum . org, Germany/Europe, 2003/2/8
Center for the Study of Democratic Societies - Dear Friends:
The purpose of this communication is to announce the publication and present availability of the new book entitled Socioeconomic Democracy: An Advanced Socioeconomic System.
Socioeconomic Democracy is a theoretical model socioeconomic system wherein there exist both some form of Universal Guaranteed Personal Income and some form of Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth limit, with both the lower bound on personal material poverty and the upper bound on personal material wealth set and adjusted democratically by all participants of society.
The Table of Contents is as follows:
It is (or at least should be) clear that this planet desperately needs a new, improved and fundamentally democratized socioeconomic system. The book will be of interest to (among others) all those who are seriously concerned about the unnecessary harm (to individuals, societies, cultures and the planet at large) caused by the extreme systemic maldistribution of material wealth intra- and internationally and who are convinced that this serious problem should and can only be resolved democratically and peacefully by an informed, thoughtful citizenry. The chapter on ramifications discusses the simultaneous significant reduction of over 20 serious and acknowledged societal problems as a result of the realization of Socioeconomic Democracy. The book will be found appropriate for courses in economics, political science, sociology, political philosophy, utopian studies, futures studies, psychology and, perhaps most importantly, democratic politicosocioeconomic systems engineering. Book reviewers are sought. The book is extensively described on our website. Indeed, one can easily get a clear introduction to and understanding of Socioeconomic Democracy by simply studing the material on the site. The reason to buy the book is that it also contains an unexpected smattering of politicosocioeconomic humor.
The book is published by and available from Praeger/Greenwood, as well as from e-Amazon and e-Barnes & Noble, and certainly should be available in your friendly local bookstore and library. The Praeger/Greenwood coordinates are:
    Praeger Publishers, Greenwood Publishing Group
    88 Post Road West, PO Box 5007
    Westport, CT 06881-5007;   web site
The Center for the Study of Democratic Societies (CSDS) is a research and educational institution dedicated to the examination and explanation of the properties and possibilities of democratic societies and democratic socioeconomic systems. You are cordially invited to visit our website, where you will find much more ab
      Robley E. George, georgeCSDS at aol . com, USA, 2003/2/7
Agora - Civic Association in Support of Direct Democracy - DD NGO in Slovakia
      Miloslav Hettes, agora at nextra . sk, Slovakia, 2003/1/29
Criticism to European Constituent Process - Report "Criticism to European Constituent Process" has just been published. You can find the english doc at and the native spanish doc at
3rd NDDIE Conference - Bratislava, 15-17 November 2002 - photos
      Slovakia, 2002/11/25
Le Mouvement Citerrien - Movement of the Citizens of the Planet Earth
      France, 2002/11/23
Direct Democracy through representitive sponsered referendum. - Mission City, B.C., Canada. On Tuesday at 11:10 A.M, Scott Malcolm Etches completed filing all necessary papers to be a candidate for Municipal Councillor in the Municipality of Mission. The platform of Mr. Etches is that of Direct Access Democracy. This platform consists of empowering the populace to participate in the decision making process. This will be accomplished by Mr. Etches using the internet, news media and the telephone. When issues come before council Mr. Etches shall post them on the internet and inform the news media outlets. Mr. Etches shall then conduct a privately held referendum(poll) on the issue. If the referendum reaches quorum then Mr. Etches shall abide by the results and cast his vote in City Council as such. This means that the representational democratic process shall be conformed to a pure democratic process for the constituents of Mission if they elect Mr. Etches as a City Councillor. It requires no reconfigurations of the any constitution and can be superimposed by any representative who chooses to seek the "advice" of his constituency. This is a proud day for Mission and a proud day for Democracy as together they are taking the next step into the future.
      Scott Etches, Canada, 2002/10/4
ReDemocracy / ReGovernment / ReCommunity - For vesting a direct and meaningful public voice in all non-emergency legislation at state, national and global levels, while protecting individual rights.
      Rand Knox, rknox at autobuyology . org, United States, 2002/9/24
Having a say with your tax money - Political power equates to money. It is the money that politicians spend on behalf of the people that gives them any power. Claim your political say by requiring government to provide a proposed budget/tax return form that the taxpayers can ammend - at the line item level. The summation of everyone's input then becomes the actual budget. Make government lobby for your tax dollars to support their strategies and budgetary plans. Become a partner of government on how your tax dollars are spent.
      J.A. Sternsaat, hieroman at directdemocracycentral . org, United States, 2002/8/22
Bangsamoro People Self-Determination - Proposal to use the referendum to solve in a peaceful and democratic way the struggle of the Bangsamoro People of the southern Phillipines islands for self determination.
      Abhoud Syed M. Lingga, moroassembly at yahoo . com, Phillipines, 2002/7/20
Center for the Study of Democratic Societies - A research and educational institution dedicated to the examination and explanation of the properties and possibilities of democratic societies. Founded in 1969 and directed by Robley E. George, the Center is now a global network of thoughtful people from many walks of life, all sharing a deep commitment to significant improvement.

Just publishing the book SOCIOECONOMIC DEMOCRACY: An Advanced Socioeconomic System
      USA, 2002/7/18 - POCLAD - Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy. Excellent reading. Start with their Quick Menu.
      USA, 2002/6/13
Kista on the road to e-democracy - Kista is a borough of Stockholm which is home to fast-growing scientific park. Kista is creating and experimenting with an IT network of the kind that would be a prerequisite for a future e-DD society. Experience obtained in Kista will be very useful for other jurisdictions.
      Sweeden, 2002/6/6
Join the Shadow Government! - You are invited to become part of our experiment in Direct Democracy. We are in the initial phase of working out the protocols and mechanisms. We would be grateful to have your input. Sincerely, Wat Tyler
      Wat Tyler, WatsRevenge at hotmail . com, USA, 2002/6/6
The NEW political system - A proposal how to achieve better democracy, closer to the ideal, where the power is retained, and directly exercised by the people. Emphasis is on local democracy.
Has many links, e.g. on the problems of e-voting
      Great Britain, 2002/5/30
The bottom-up approach to Democracy - (A. Rossin's paper at the DD Congress of Athens, on Fri. 23 June 2000)
Two different but complementary ways towards the implementation of Direct Democracy are considered.
One of these, that we may call "Top-Down", bases on the modern tools of Information and Communication Technology and, of course, on the wisdom of local and governmental authorities ruling the matter of democratic voting.
The other, that we may call "Bottom-Up", bases on the educative development of personality in people, hopedly, towards the latter's open-mindedness and better understanding of participatory Democracy principles, for each one to take upon oneself one's own Direct responsibilities and to put into action the capability of making aware and flexible choices.
According with the Bottom-Up perspective, Antonio Rossin analyzes the two basic family educative models that may cause the formation of children's personality, towards either direct and responsible sharing into the social framework or passive delegating by representatives, from Family up to Society.
      Antonio Rossin, rossin at tin . it, Italy, 2002/5/25
Empire of the Rising Scum - Musings of an anarchist on how to reform organizations to make them adhere to their original beneficial goals
      USA, 2002/5/20 - Advocates building confederations of (smaller) communities based on five principles, including Direct Democracy (the other 4 are: Bill of Rights, Polycentric Law, Consesus-Oriented Democracy, and Sunset Provisions)
      USA (World?), 2002/5/20
International Simultaneous Policy Organisation - An attempt to establish bottom-up mechanism/movement to get adopted important measures (on environment, disarmament, ...) in almost all countries of the world simultaneously.
      World, 2002/5/19
Prison Experiment Revisited - Listen to CBC interview with Dr. Reicher. May have implications for DD.
      Scotland, 2002/5/15
Why Europeans know more about American government than Americans?
      USA, 2002/5/12
Active Humanists of America - A group of Americans dedicated to transforming the American System from a system controlled by a minority of its citizens to one controlled by the majority; from one controlled by its employing citizens to one controlled by its workers; from a system dedicated to the welfare of private interests to one dedicated to the public welfare; from a representative democracy to a direct or participatory democracy.
      USA, 2002/5/12
direkte Demokratie Linkliste - direkte Demokratie Linkliste
      steffen, 23-42 at gmx . de, germany, 2002/5/10
direkte Demokratie ist möglich - direkte Demokratie ist möglich
      steffen, 23-42 at gmx . de, germany, 2002/5/10
Virtuelle Volksvertreter Deutschlands - Die Abgeordneten der VVVD bilden die Ergebnisse der Online-Abstimmungen mathematisch exakt im Parlament ab.
      steffen, info at vvvd . net, germany, 2002/5/10
More democracy in Europe - Europe-wide debates about the future of Europe
- Civil Society
- Participative democracy
- new governance in EU
      Horst Grützke, secretariat at europe-maintenant . org, Germany, 2002/5/3
Vivant - Vivant is a human rights movement. It strives to move away from the work ethic, which states that unless you work at least some part of your life, you are not entitled to an income, to the new ethic of quality of life. It cares about human needs and security.
Could some of these ideas be useful for DD?
      Belgium, 2002/3/28
Partido politico de tus hijos - Party of your sons (sons wanting change, sons of the old men ruling Argentina for the past 20 years) - a DD movement
On Jan. 25, 2002 in a global manifestation in Argentina, for the first time appeared on TV a banner that said "Democracia Directa YA!", i.e., "Direct Democracy Now!"