A short autobiography of George Sagi

George Sagi studied economics, social and political sciences, and obtained a Master of Science degree in electronic engineering and science. His thesis on Bertrand Russell's Analytical Logic earned him partial credit in philosophy. Sagi is an accomplished technical writer, and has authored several books on socio-political philosophy. Two of his books on Participatory Direct Democracy were translated into several languages, and were published in Hungary and in the Czech Republic. A few of Sagi's essays appear in various publications. A poem, Chant to Remember - in memory of the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II - was recited on CBC Radio, Winnipeg, Canada. Three of his manuscripts, Conditional Logic, Quantum Geometry, and On Reality, are currently being prepared for publication.

George Sagi is a retired electrical engineer. Most of his writings are related to his current main interest - the problems modern society faces, and possible improvements with the aim of the achievement of a true democracy. He is the founder of Participatory Direct Democracy Association (PDDA) and was instrumental in the creation of WDDM.

George Sagi is a member of the Canadian Authors Association (CAA) and the Manitoba Writers Guild.

George's email address is georgesagi (at) mymts . net. He could discuss serious inquires and could provide CD-ROM versions of his books and printed versions.