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We, the members of PDDA dedicate ourselves to help citizens to establish genuine democratic principles. We believe that all citizens have the right to directly perform lawmaking and other governmental functions in any polity in which they live. Therefore we seek to develop and promote participatory processes which allow people to exercise their rights to make their own laws and/or manage their own governance.

We believe in the following principles:

  1. People are sovereign, and they are the only legitimate authority to govern their society.

  2. The power to formulate laws and policies shall be vested directly in the People without representatives at all levels of societal life.

  3. Every person should have equal rights and opportunities to participate in public affairs.

  4. The people will make correct decisions on major societal issues and policy alternatives if they have unrestricted access to unbiased information on given subjects.

  5. Public opinion can be easily influenced by vested interests and money. To avoid undue influence, public debates must be factual, balanced, impersonal and non-manipulative.

  6. Each issue must be presented and considered independently and its best alternative be selected strictly on its own merit.

  7. Citizens Initiatives, backed by sufficient number of signatures, should mandate a binding Referendum and/or recall corrupt or incompetent representatives, to be decided by public vote.

  8. Individuals and families must be made acquainted, from 'bottom up', with sensible educational tools to understand social morality, the common needs and interests of all, thereby, enable them to make knowledge-based societal policies.

  9. We as 'Facilitators' shall endeavor to help citizens to setup Planning Cells, Citizen Juries, and Citizens Forums, as local bodies to aid and in the long run eventually supervise municipal administrations. These 'Forums' will hear and attempt to settle issues or refer them either to the courts or to Citizens Parliaments.

  10. We believe in and advocate peaceful and gradual transformation of society into genuine democracy.

  11. We are against any form of aggression and violence, but we believe that the people have the right to defend themselves if they are attacked. Every effort should be made to avoid armed confrontations.

  12. We advocate respectful dialogue and constructive proposals.

  13. Policies should be decided by votes and carried by minimum 2/3rd majority of those who voted. This is a recommendation for decisions on societal policies and laws by secret ballots.

  14. Voting and gathering signatures can take place by secure electronic methods, therefore, we endeavor to have it legally established.

  15. The results of public decisions will constitute the body of the law.

Signed in Winnipeg in 1999 by the founding directors, the 'Facilitators', of PDDA:

Interim President: George Sagi
Directors: Keith Bradley, Mirek Kolar
You can find more about us on the 'Facilitators' page.

The directors of the Association are elected democratically any time by a request of at least 10 members, but at least once a year by the membership.

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