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THE DREAM describes a 21st Century struggle to prevent the destruction of civilization, and the creation of a global democracy. Dr. Boros, a great scientist and socio-political philosopher, predicts that incessant drive for growth and profit – an inherent flaw of market economy – will bring the world to the brink of self-destruction. It happens as predicted. Protesters are mass murdered by desperate governments, and the tension between hostile countries lead to the first nuclear strikes. The Pioneers are prepared, they launch a counter attack with their secretly developed non-lethal weapons, they disarm the world’s militaries, and destroy their armaments. THE DREAM is a frightening projection of horrifying global events in the coming decades, unless our market driven economy and its political superstructure is rationalized. This book is a thoughtful socio-political analysis of contemporary society, in the form of an absorbing fiction about historical events in the 21st Century.

George Sagi, September 2003

Studies Leading to Direct Democracy

A Brief Outline of A Theory of Direct Democracy and References to Other Theories.
by George S. Sagi

Book Review by Dr. Magdolna Kovacs:

This fundamental presentation on DIRECT DEMOCRACY (DD) should be compulsory reading in faculties of political science, sociology, and social philosophy. It is essential for pioneering members of DD movements, environmentalists, rights organizations and progressive-thinking individuals who want to secure the future of civilization.

A unique potential exists today. Civilization could destroy itself or it could create a universal material and cultural well-being for all people. A profound analysis from the 'fundamental imposition' on life by nature, and the 'basic imposition' of society, this book demonstrates the need for a new, uplifting, social morality for the peoples of the world to live cooperatively and in peace.

No other book exposes so clearly the 'group structure' of society, the 'paradoxes of the political era', the coming threat of global competition, the myths of free market and free elections and the inherently adversarial nature of the 'era of politics'. Profound analysis, as well as practical methods and models, demonstrate the need for radical and truly democratic changes to save the 'total environment'. Direct democracy can accomplish this. It requires self-governances by the people. Is it utopia? No, it is not. This book presents an alternative to an otherwise bleak future.

Dr. Magdolna Kovacs,
President of Denes Gabor College,

Voices of the Concerned

In Summer 2001, PDDA organized a literary contest for the best short essay. The theme was Social Consciousness. Most submissions to this contest were published in a book named Voices of the Concerned (a zipped PDF file; 369 kB).

Other writings by George Sagi

He became rather pessimistic at the end of 2005, in his own words: Although you may find it depressing and not suitable for DD activist, for deliberative efforts (will) likely fail in the long run and this declining civilization will destroy itself: RECKLESS
His most recent book, On the Brink (MS Word & jpeg; zipped; 739 kB), ISBN 0-9682925-7-7, is just a milder variation of the same.
http://www.auburn.edu/academic/liberal_arts/poli_sci/journal_public_deliberation/fictions/ruins.htm - Only from the Ruins ... - is essentially a longer version of "RECKLESS."

George Sagi autobiography

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