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The goal of the members of the Participatory Direct Democracy Association is helping the citizens to participate in policy-making decisions. We are 'Facilitators' assisting the people to transform their society into a more caring, compassionate, and moral democracy. We are organizing the people to make thoughtful, knowledgeable democratic changes step-by-step to learn how to govern their own society. You can find our guiding principles in '0ur mission' section.

Keith Bradley is a founding Director of PDDA, and takes care of its finances. He was the first PDDA Webmaster. Keith was born in England. He had worked in Winnipeg as a computer programmer for many years. Now, Keith is semi-retired, working as a volunteer at many organizations, and he is also managing a few chapters of the local Toastmasters organization. Keith Bradley has been an outstanding member of PDDA in helping its progress since its inception.
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Mirek Kolar, Ph.D. (physics) is mainly the PDDA webmaster. Mirek was born in the Czech Republic and came to Canada in the very end of 1983. He works is in the area of computer modelling and applied mathematics. Mirek loves nature, is vegetarian, an avid bicyclist, and a dedicated democrat. He has his own Web-site filled with educational, heritage, naturalist, and other information, to a large extent also related to Manitoba. Mirek also maintains the DD Meeting Place.
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Charlie McDougall is the PDDA Publishing Director. Born on a Northern Ontario farm, he subsequently worked as newspaper reporter and editor in many small communities in rural Northern Ontario and Manitoba. Currently living in Winnipeg, working as newspaper editor, studying political science, and engaged in political activism. And still finding time to work on his family history book, and on his web site.
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George S. Sagi, B.Sc. M.Sc. The founder and honorary President of the PDDA. George was born in Hungary, where he earned his engineering diploma. After the failed 1956 Revolution against Soviet domination, he and his family were refugees. He has been residing in Winnipeg since 1957. George earned his M.SC. Degree at the University of Manitoba. After his retirement he took philosophy as a post graduate student at St. Paul's College of the University. George's harsh past experiences under Nazism, Communism, revolution, and refugee life, compelled him to study and write social and political philosophy, and study economic theories. Some of his books are featured in 'Publication' and can be downloaded free of charge.
His web sites: Democracy related and other articles, essays and poems.
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