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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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This site is dedicated to the efforts of George Sagi, a prominent Direct Democracy (DD) pioneer, participant in the first two International DD conferences, and one of the "founding fathers" of a worldwide DD organization. In 2003, he retired from public activism in order to concentrate on finishing his futuristic novel The Dream to promote DD in an enjoyable way.
He originally envisaged this site as a model implementation of DD to help the citizens of the city where he has spent a large portion of his life to participate in making decisions directly influencing their lives. It proved that to achieve such a goal would not be so easy.

In the meantime, the PDDA site provides discussion forums for Canadians, and indeed for anybody, who want to improve public life, and want to promote participation in policy making on the local, provincial, or federal level. You are invited to share your ideas with others through this site, e.g., using the proposition form.

PDDA Publications
You can download a 60-page booklet on, Essays Leading to Direct Democracy, by G. Sagi, free of charge. Or a book originated from a PDDA Literary Contest. Get to know about the 'Newsletter' of Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement (WDDM). You will find references to other DD books and publications, and you can request us to publicize yours.
PDDA Discussions
You can express your views through our 'Discussion Group', and you can make concrete policy or project proposals. When your proposal gets lots of attention, then it can become a formal Proposition and other members can vote on it. The winning policy propositions will be brought to the attention of the appropriate level of government. You can also propose and vote on action-oriented proposals. PDDA will demonstrate to the elected officials what the people want them to do at City Hall or at the Provincial or Federal level.

Join PDDA. Let your voice be heard. You will be in the company of a truly democratic group of volunteer activists. We want to improve democracy at all levels by promoting direct participation of citizens in policy-making. We also support local projects to improve the conditions in your community. PDDA promotes peaceful and cooperative co-existence. We are striving for the establishment of a more humane, more equitable, and just, democracy — in short, true democracy.

PDDA is primarily intended to serve thoughtful Canadian promoters of Direct Democracy (DD). However, we also welcome international members.

PDDA Propositions
When consensus develops on a subject through discussions, you can turn it into a formal 'Proposition'. Others can vote on each proposition, and you will see if the people support it or reject it. PDDA will help to turn propositions that gained substantial support, either into policy changes or local improvement projects.
PDDA Voting
For good results, each Proposition should be presented on a separate voting page. However, several topics discussed can become propositions and voting on those can run concurrently.  Propositions should be brief and concise. PDDA will send significant results of ballots to  elected representatives with a request to act on them or to have the public vote on them by referenda. If the representatives ignore the voice of an overwhelming majority, we will find other methods to have the public will prevail.
PDDA Facilitators
Members of PDDA are called Facilitators. Their goal is to assist the people to improve democracy. Unlike some political representatives, we believe that the people themselves know what is good for their community and society.

The activities of PDDA are steered by the Coordinating Committee (CC). You can be elected and become a member of the CC. You will find the names of the founding members and their emails in the 'facilitators' page.

PDDA Mission
This page presents PDDA goals and membership criteria in our 'Mission Statement' page.
Related Links
On our Related Links page you will find links to Canadian and global Web-sites devoted to DD. You can participate in the activities of the Continuing International Congress on Direct Democracy (CICDD), and you may qualify to become a member of the Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement (WDDM).
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