DD and similar initiatives by country

In addition to the links below, more DD links can be found e.g. at CDD, DDL, KnowNet


» National front for DD
» Democracia Directa
» Partido politico de tus hijos - Party of your sons (wanting change); it's a DD movement
» Building Democracy in the Internet

» Senator Online
» Reality Politics - Good Government
» Vote DAVE: Digital . Dynamic . Deliberative . Direct . Democracy . Discussion . DD model
» Direct Democracy Forum
» Beyond Representative Government

» Demokratie-Initiative 2000 proposes how to implement DD in Austria

» Citizens for Direct Democracy
» Direct Democracy now!
» WIT: in Dutch; in English (a mirror of the above)
» Heiko Dittmer
» Vivant - a human rights movement

» !!! The remarkable experience of direct democracy in Porto Alegro - a city encouraging citizens' participation
See also Albacete, Spain for the next achievement!

Britain: see Great Britain

» Civic participation (note this letter on the situation in Bulgaria)

» List of Canadian DD links by Participatory Direct Democracy Association

» Tiaktiv: Politics Democratization Organization: Internet Democracy

Czech Republic:
» Initiative for Just General Referendum
Draft of the Czech Citizens' Constitution (in English)
» Direct Democracy Movement (HzPD)
» More on HzPD on this site
» A DD web directory
» 1st International Conference on Direct Democracy was held in August 1998 in Czechia organized by the Czech Direct Democracy Movement (beginnings, Jiri Polak)
» But there was not a single referendum since the Czechoslovak "velvet" revolution in 1989
» Conference "Internet in the local and national government"

» Danish Society for Direct Democracy: in English; in Danish
» Gotzespace: SlashDemocr@cy
» For sale: DEMOCR@CY

» New Participative Constitution

» A new book: Direct Democracy: Arguments and Experiences on the Introduction of Initiative and Referendum by Jos Verhulst and Arjen Nijeboer - for download in English, German, Danish, Dutch, French, and Slovak from democracy-international.org/book-direct-democracy.html.
For a thorough review of this book click here.
» democracy international - European Citizens' Initiative
» cafÚ babel on European constitution, elections
» Democracy Europe - learning from the Swiss DD system
» European Referendum Campaign
» Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe
» Press Release: Nov. 2000 conference of the European direct democracy network (NDDIE)
» NDDIE - European Direct Democracy Network;
» The new forms of the European governance - Video from the General Assembly of European Regions
» Internet chat with Margot Wallstr÷m, EU Commissioner for the Environment
» Internet chat with Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner for Institutional Reform and Enlargement
» Lexcalibur - The European Public Square
» Opportunity Structures for Citizens' Participation
» Blueprint for a New Confederation - DD as a tool to empower the people

» E-nitiative Populaire
» Direct Democracy France
» Association Pour la Promotion de la Democratie Directe - Assoc. for the promotion of DD
» RNA.RIP Union of assoc's for popular initiatives and referenda

» Direkte Demokratie
» Inclusive Democracy
» German DD links
» A Hamburg citizens' initiative for improved child daycare - a practical DD exercise
» "Prototype" Open Forum proposal to enable political communication among citizens
» Planungszellen (Planning Cells)
» More on Planning Cells conceived at the University of Wuppertal by Prof. C. Dienel
» Mehr Demokratie e.V. (More democracy)
» Integral studies of M. Macpherson
» DIE ZEIT published a series of Articles on DD: The people know exactly what they want, but DD needs clear rules, The world of DD, Politics without "the ones at the top", We are the people, some of them not any more online, such as the one of Aug. 4, 1998
» A Typology of Electronic Democracy (A thesis)

Great Britain:
» Interactive Democracy
» Participatory budget: - Pilot projects announced;
    - Website of the Participatory Budgeting Unit funded by the UK government;
    - Power to which people? - so far not really participatory - the fact that the process was started from the top by the government, and not from the grassroot level up as in Latin America, apparently shows up.
» Preliminary Proposals for the introduction of Elements of DD, with comments
» BBC on DD
» New Political System
» Planet-Thanet
» Direct Democracy Campaign
» The Keele guide to international affairs & transnational issues on the Internet
» Citizens' Initiative and Referendum - Campaign for DD
» DD at a UK school
» Referendum for the RIGHT to referendum: Leaflet to distribute, Sztaki polling station
» Jim McGlynn, Direct Votes
» Direct Democracy Campaign
» Citizen juries (similar to the German planning cells above; see also US citizen juries below)
» The Economist on the Future of Democracy, 21-Dec-96:   Part 1,   Part 2,   Part 3,   Part 4,   Part 5,   Part 6,   Part 7,   Part 8
» The future of Electronic Democracy by Ian Pearson
» Democracy Science

» Forum for Citizen's Democracy
» Active Citizens Association
» Hellenic Direct Democracy Movement (E.A.R.); old site
» 2nd Intern'l Conference on Direct Democracy in June 2000

» The party of Internet Democracy (IDE), Hungary; Wikipedia entry in English

» Rahul Mehta: Implementing Partial DD in India; How to start DD

» Democrazia & Federalismo
» Citizens Laboratory for Health (Study Table)
» Dialectic Education by Antonio Rossin
» Associazione Democrazia Diretta (the old mirror site)
» Their DD links (In English)
» Italian DD e-mail discussion list
» Campaign for deliberative referendum
» DD blog di Pino Strano
» Campaign to introduce DD into local government

» The Direct Party
» The books by Akiva Orr
» Kol1 - articles about DD and how to implement it in Israel; in Hebrew
» Revolution, The D.I.Y. Version
» Politics Without Politicians
» Auto-narchy (self-rule) (mirror site)
» Direct Democracy Manifesto
» Transition To Democracy

» Japan Forum for DDD: How to overcome mis-/dis-information about DD
» Ms. Referendum Japan
» Referedum on the Daiju no Seki Dam
» Political Forum on the Internet
» The Lincoln Club: The Way to "Ultimate Democracy"
» Association for Direct-Indirect Coexisted Democracy; Another version
» Okinawa - the miniature of Japan
» Direct democracy information center
» More on issue of democracy in Japan

» Cyberparty - used to have The Thread, a Web magazine in English

Lithuania - DD leader in Eastern Europe?:
» Lithuania already managed to hold 18 referenda since regaining its independence in 1991!

» February 2011 killing of over 300 protesters shows that DD in Libya cannot work. Muammar Al Qadhafi talked about DD as part of the 3rd universal theory in his Green Book (the full text of the Green Book is here, and it was suggested there that DD had already been realized in Libya in March 1977. (However, frequent references to the "Guide of the worldwide revolution" are very suspicious, and there was only one referendum since the beginning of the Qadhafi rule in 1969.)

» Institute for Democracy

» World e-Parliament: The Pioneering OPERATIONAL Model of Webocracy

» From Director's Democracy to DD - introduction to DD in Dutch, English and Serbo-Croatian
» WIT Netherlands - DD
» Referendum Platform - DD
» Digital Citizens Foundation used to be at: http://www.db.nl/english/, mentioned here

New Zealand:
» Direct Democracy for NZ (now asks for a password!)
» Book by Michael Mautner

» Blueprint for a New Confederation

» Popular movement and participative democracy


» Call for referendum on Bangsamoro Self-determination - proposal for the peaceful solution of the conflict in the south of the Philippines.

» Publications of A. Kaczmarczyk on DD

» Magna Carta da Democracia Directa (Poder Contra Poder)

» Democratie Directa Romania - political party that promotes Direct Democracy in Romania
» DD and electoral law reform

» Russian Citizen's Initiatives; Report on RCI in English
» Baikal Environmental Wave - An ecological organization promoting an approach to problem solving that is compatible with DD.

» Direct Democracy (Agora) - Civic Association in Support of DD
» 15 referenda attempted since independence, but none valid because of the high turnout requirement of 50% was never achieved!

» Respolis - a international participatory democracy network/platform: English; Espa˝ol
» demopunk.net - Network for Spreading and Promotion of Democracy
» Otra democracia es possible (Other democracy is possible)
» Participative budget (PB): Applied through her Participative Forum with great success in the City of Albacete, calling herself the most egalitarian city in their PB process outline; their PB rules.
» Direct Democracy in Spain, 2002
» Projecte de democrÓcia electr˛nica a BCNet, Barcelona
» AGORA a discussion forum from the Canary Islands used to be at: http://intranet.ulpgc.es/servidores/agora/indexi.html

South Africa:
» Deep Democracy

» Aktiv Demokrati - Swedish DD party (in Swedish, English, Chinese, Spanish, French and German)
   Wikipedia entry on Aktiv Demokrati
» DemoEx - A local DD party of Vallentuna with political powers (in Swedish, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese)
   More on DemoEx experience (in English)
» Knivsta.nu - A local DD party of Knivsta with political power (in Swedish)
» Papers on Grassroots Parties' e-Participation Systems in Sweden (in English)
» Positive and normative aspects of direct democracy - the case of Sweden in a general context (in English)
» A DD Party - mixing DD and RD
» Vivarto Voting Systems
» Fred Blomson's DD blog

Switzerland (home of DD - Initiative and Referenda - for nearly 150 years):
» Briefing Tour for Americans, June 10-15 2010: Democracy in Switzerland
» Enitiatives.ch
» Europa Magazin by Forum für direkte Demokratie
» University of Geneva Centre on Direct Democracy (huge database on citizen participation and links from all over the world)
» Swiss national ballots
» Swiss Model of Direct Democracy

UK: see Great Britain

» Academy of Direct Democracy
» The League for Constitutionalism and Legal Culture - Kyiv

» New York City General Assembly; Making of the declaration; Occupy Wall Street movement; Live stream; Too big to fail
» 'We the People' online tool to petition the Obama administration
» Direct Democracy Party
» Briefing Tour through Switzerland for Americans, June 10-15 2010, on how the Swiss Democracy works
» 2010 Global Forum on Modern DD/US Conf. on I&R - July 30 -Aug. 4, San Francisco
» Doing Government
» Beyond Plutocracy - True Democracy for America
» Citizens Initiative Review (Washington State)
» Citizens' Assembly method to choose initiatives worthy of further processing
» Democracy by the People
» La Esquina Caliente
» On Day One - Real democracy for America!
» America Vote Direct
» Senator Mike Gravel breakthrough speeches on video
» National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
» Center for Wise Democracy
» Digital Democracy Resources
» Citizen Power Magazine
» The Deliberative Democracy Consortium
» Journal of Public Deliberative Democracy Consortium
» Voices For True Democracy originated from Voices For Direct Democracy, introduced by the author here; his book 'A Theory of Subversion', now Section VI of this CD
» Active Humanists of America on DD
» Majority Voice - Votable forums for every issue
» The National Initiative for Democracy (formerly The Direct Democracy Initiative, formerly The Voting by Phone Foundation) by Mike Gravel
» The National Initiative For Democracy
» Philadelphia 2
» Minnesota E-democracy
» Electronic Democracy Resources
» Initiative & Referendum Institute
» Teledemocracy Action News + Network
» Citizen Power - The webzine of the Global Democracy Movement
» Electronic democracy Yahoogroups;   AOL Electrodemocracy
» Direct Democracy League
» The Direct Democracy Center
» Center for Voting and Democracy
» <Electronic Democracy>, a 1992/98 article with, among others, a similar proposition to mine to use tax returns for voting.
» Center for the Study of Democratic Societies
» Democracy Innovations
» From Industrial Feudalism to Direct Democracy - essays by M.J.Kuhn
» Kuro5hin - run as a model DD community by its users/readers/authors.
» Electronic Democracy, Davis Style
» http://www.pacificacampaign.org: "Democracy Now!" and "Save Radio Pacifica" campaign - e-mail alert
» Center for Wise Democracy (Wisdom Councils)
» Citizen consensus councils and direct democracy
» Co-intelligence Institute
» Deep Democracy Movement
» The Noam Chomsky Archive
» Juries are the last remnant of DD
» Citizens Jury« projects by Jefferson Center
» Free online hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy
» The Mathematics of Voting
» Mathematics and Elections
» Democracy 2.0
» D2 Discussion Zone
» Direct Democracy Online Project was at http://www.crosswinds.net/omaha/~citizen/; was good, what happened with it?
» The Center for the Evolution of Democracy
» The Rise of Direct Democracy
» Iran Necho's http://www.netcracy.org is still for sale
» Zapatista Consulta
» Complete listing of ballot measures and the results
» Initiative For Texas - for a meld of DD and RD
» Democracies Online Newswire
» Internet Voting
» The New Tax Rules, The New Democracy
» StateDemocracy - to deliver democracy to your desktop
» Bipartisan California Commission on Internet Political Practices
» Forelaws - Journal of Golden Rule Stewardship - advocates the DEMOCRATHON process
» Democracy in the Age of Technology
» The Pollite Lens - free tool for opinion exchange - public opinion forum and database - not working?
» Democracy DirectTM - Client/server software by Democracy Data & Communications to provides on-line database access
» Fuller on direct democracy
» John Naisbitt, futurist predicting DD
» Tribalism may replace nationalism
» New Democracy (Donald E Davison)
» Approaching Democracy Online (UofC, Davis)
» National Voter Outreach - political consulting firm to organize signature campaigns
» Direct Democracy. Is the United States Prepared?
» The Impact of the Internet on Popular Democracy in the United States (M.Sc. thesis)
» Rahul Mehta: Pretty Good Direct Democracy (a very original proposal)
» 56 Grievances of Triaka
» Vote online on various issues
» The Chaordic Alliance - self-organizing, self-governing global community by the Founder of VISA?
» The Formation Quest
» Internet Voting Technology Alliance
» Psycheocracy - scientific selection of candidates - but is it actually about better democracy, or about improving the ruling elite?
» Direct Democracy TV, New York, NY
» An uninformed diatribe against DD - See what huge misunderstanding and mistrust will have to be overcome by the supporters of DD! Those dedicated people with so limited resources are portrayed here as puppets of the billionaire funded New World Order elite!
» Democrazy

» Movement for DD
» The first worldwide meeting for DD

The World:
» Electronic Direct Democracy (E2D) International
» Inclusive Democracy
» Blueprint for a New Confederation
» Worldwide DD Movement
» International E-democracy Meetup - a tool to meet like-minded people locally!
» Worldwide DD Newsletter; its beginnings
» KnowNet Initiative - IT for developing countries: Events, Links not found elsewhere, Digital Governance
» Continuing Congress of International Direct Democracy
» Continuing International Congress on DD (CICDD) e-mail discussion list; all messages
» Founding documents of the Worldwide DD Movement
» Results of nearly 3500 votes in 206 geographical entities from 1791 to 2000 - unfortunately, this Swiss worldwide database says little on how free (meaningful) each referendum was.
» FREETIMEA project a software project to realize Blind Independent Appraisal of citizens' initiatives ("BLINAP democracy")
» Addresses of politicians of the countries of the World
» ATTAC - Association for the Taxation of financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens