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This is a self-service site. Visitors are encouraged to post here anything related to the improvement of democracy, and/or its expansion towards greater participation of all citizens and eventual achievement of Direct Democracy (DD). Post either links to new DD related sites (movements, initiatives), or relevant announcements, suggestions or comments. Anything else would be considered a misuse of this site. In particular, anything discussing the inferiority or superiority of an ethnic or other group, or spreading misunderstanding among peoples is considered detrimental to the goal of improving democracy. (Various ideas, proposals, actions, etc. should be judged strictly on their merits, not on the origin of their originators or protagonists. Not even implicitly should ethnicity play any role in the discussions of democracy.)

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Let the people decide!
Everybody should try to contribute a little bit to the improvement of their societies if we want to assure a sustainable future for the humankind, and to see all the injustice finally go away. My little contribution is this meeting place for ideas on how to improve the ways we govern ourselves.
The world would become a much better place if everybody made it a habit to try to imagine the state of mind of others, including their opponents and enemies. You donít have to agree with them or condone their acts, just try to understand their motives. In order to avoid making decisions that could further escalate various conflicts. Letís try to make the transition from the adversarial to a cooperative world!
A spectre could be haunting the chanceries of the world: the spectre of the Internet!